Arc Eleven. Chapter Three-Hundred Five. Trading Places

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Eddie had a date that evening, and made his excuses and left. Alexsi had to find Melina, and that was a walk to the Parker Building a few blocks away, leaving Peter with Cindy, Yelena, and Nakia. The homes had been finished, and it was now up to everyone to pick their permanent home, get a lease signed and start actually paying rent.

“Spoke to the others, might as well pick your new homes,” as Peter pointed to the empty homes, “decide now if you’re staying in here, or moving next door.”

“I want to move then. Listening to those three screw at night is bad enough” Cindy said, and she huffed as she looked at the four empty homes at the door end of the warehouse, “Any of these?”

Peter nodded, “then move. Mail comes to the building, it's not like anyone cares. Just make sure it's empty.” and he made a note to get actual nameplates done for each of the occupied homes, in fact once Alexsi and Milena made their choice he would see if anyone else wanted to move, or even move out.

Yelena looked at the home her parents had picked, next to the one Ivan was renting, “and can we move next door? I like my parents but I don't like them that much.”

Peter rubbed his face with a hand, he was expecting some resistance but not this. “We talked about it, and while we don’t have a problem, you do know that we make those three look puritan?”

Yelena nodded, “I have Widow, there is little I don't know about what goes on here.”

Peter smirked, “While we don't have sex at the table, you will hear a lot, we don't wear suits in the bathing area and we can walk around naked. So, are you sure?”  

Nakia sighed, “Shuri had me host Jhalia, to prove she was not being influenced. I too know more about you than I wish to, and I have no illusions of showing myself to you, it is only skin.”

Peter rubbed his head, and sighed, “I will have words about that with Shuri, Widow is only on Yelena as it was an emergency. We don't normally let that happen. So I'm sorry. It's not fair to put you through that.” He now knew how Shuri knew about Nakia and T’Challa, Jhalia had bonded the pair together in thought and memory. Something they were trying to avoid since Ghost walked off on Cindy, and Logan took Rage.

“It is fine. You are young and handsome, I do not mind, but, there will be nothing else. I have thoughts of you, and memories of your time with Shuri, but I am not interested, and I will choose my own mate.” 

Peter nodded. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Once they were through the corridor, “those two are empty.” on the right-hand side, the four homes normally reserved for Selene and visitors were still empty. As they were away from the others, the chance of noise was lower, for both parties. Nakia and Yelena could enjoy themselves without worrying about being heard.

“The flag system is still in place though. Green means women only, so if you don't want to wear a suit stick it out, red means we’re in there and probably naked, and yellow means my mom is there, so suits, no exceptions.” and the pair nodded,

“But, if we do not want to, we can go skinny yes?” Yelena asked, and Peter nodded.

“As long as you don't care we do the same, we won't you know, do anything, but I no suit as well,” he said seriously,

Yelena waved  a hand “I know what you are hiding Peter, I have seen it through Natasha's eyes,” and Nakia just nodded but did stare at him for a moment

“As I said, it is just skin, and I know you have no feelings for me. You are not the first man I will have bathed with, and you will probably not be the last.” Nakia stated.

“Oh, I like you.” Yelena said, “oh and like the other one, don't hit the cleaning system while anyone is in there,” and she snorted, “Peter did that to show it off, and they chase him for hours, it was very funny.”

Peter remembered, he also remembered the bruises Felicia gave him, and the bite marks he gave her back, and the memory made him smile, “As long as you understand, it's fine.”

The rest of the day he helped them move, With the reluctant help from the cabal of African sorcerers, Nakia moved the heavier more expensive items from Wakanda, while moving Yelena's stuff was easy. She grabbed her clothes stuffed them into a refuse sack and hoisted it over a shoulder

“What, it's just clothes, I can press them later,” she said,

Peter pointed to a large row of wooden boxes, each with a lid. “Leave laundry in a hamper. We have a couple of huge machines to cope.” 

At first, Gwen had the only machine, but as the homes filled Peter invested in industrial models, getting it all done at once, the only thing they needed to do was sort out what could be tumble dried and what couldn't, especially after Peter shrunk one of Gwen's favourite t-shirts. 

Even though the Symbiotes could morph into any clothing theft desired, the group of women eventually persuaded them that clothing was for more than just protection against the weather, that dressing was a ritual, and that with underwear and the right outfit, it was to feel different, and eventually the symbiotes came to understand

“Great, so, food money goes in an envelope with a shopping list in the top drawer on the dining table. Take a pen and mark a shelf and a drawer,  and then it's off-limits as Felicia usually just eats wherever she wants. If it's really expensive, you have to pay, otherwise, we all just put in 100 or so a week.” and the pair nodded

“Uh, Nakia, you need to head to HR and get a contract signed, Yelena, Fury should be back in a day or so,” but before he could finish her clothing vanished, and she shrugged,

“I'm using the pool, no questions. I haven't been able to relax since Ivan joined,“ and she shuddered, “yeah, that's not a pretty sight.” and she stalked off into the bathhouse,

“Grab a towel and add your name to a basket.” he shouted after her and she waved a hand at him, “I feel kinda bad letting her just laze around while we have you,” but once more he was interrupted, as Nakia slipped out of her training slacks and top.

“A pool sounds good. Swimming in Wakanda was for training, and I am eager to see how yours compares.” 

As she walked past Peter he just sighed and shook his head, and pulled out his phone, taping away, sending messages to everyone.

Yelena and Nakia are in the pool, housewarming?

His phone began to vibrate with each reply,

Yes, and Wanda says hell yes as well - Gwen

Pizza, - Felicia

Ibrokemyphneagainpeteyes - Laura

Don't fuck my sister, but yes - Natasha

I have an audition til nine, start without me - MJ

There was no reply from Carol but he knew she was dealing with Shield and Sword. Her phone was probably off but she never said no to a party, especially after a hard day, so he counted her as a yes.

Jean and I will be there, are we inviting anyone else? Liv sent back, and with Liv, he knew he meant Ivan but not this time

Sorry, family only this time, he sent back to her and slid his phone back into his pocket.

“Hey, any preference for pizza?” he shouted into the bathhouse

“No, and you can come in you know, we left that flag thing off on purpose,” Yelena shouted back and Peter stuck his head through the privacy curtain. 

“I am not sure about this pizza, it sounds intriguing, but I am also a vegetarian, Can I get one without meat, but the cheese is fine,” Nakia asked and Peter nodded, checking their place did more than just plain and vegetable pizzas.

“Tofu?” he asked, checking their menu and she nodded, “right. Work ends at five, so pizzas for six, I'm going to get drinks ready,  Any preferences?”

Nakia swam to the edge, “Wine, Shuri had some the last time she was here, and I wish to try it for myself.” 

“I’m good Peter, anything beer, or something harder,” Yelena said, as she lay on her back, slowly floating from one end of the pool to the other.

Peter snorted, “Nat told me I'm not to give you anything hard,”

“Oh, how can I resist such a charmer, take me now Peter Parker, your raw animal magnetism has me quivering,” Yelena said deadpan and Nakia laughed.

Peter laughed, “oh you know it. Everyone wants me. But uh, we don’t have a lot of spirits. Your dad raided our supplies until Natasha yelled at him, she was not happy about it, and neither was Gwen.”

“Can you cure him?” Yelena joined Nakia at the edge of the pool, and lifted herself up onto the edge, motioning for Peter to hand her a towel.

Peter shrugged “That depends on if it’s formula-based chemical dependence or your dad just an alcoholic. If it's the latter, then no,“ Peter hummed, passing over the towel and Yelena rubbed the water from her face and dried her hands.

“Maybe, I could try and modify an Iron Halo” Tony had been using them to curb addictive behaviours in more serious cases, where conventional therapy and methods failed. Peter had two minds over the subject.

When Hexen and Wanda returned from the other reality they had shared their experiences, and Peter had already seen and replicated the design for the helmets. Which was an almost identical design to Tony's Iron Halo with a few modifications. 

Using them to treat illness was great, but once you began to start modifying behaviours in people you didn't like, then it became an issue. Peter had hoped Tony had already seen this issue and taken steps to remedy it. A failsafe built into the halo should be enough and keeping it from Ross or the government would be an even better step.

Yelena had slipped from the pool and threw the towel back at a basket she had labelled. While she was naked, Peter was trying very hard not to look, “Hey, it's fine. He’s been like that as far as I can remember, just, give him the really bad stuff and he won't know the difference.”

Screw it, Peter thought to himself and looked over at Yelena, who was either teasing him or trying to get him to look. Yelena saw the look in his eyes and laughed, stepping back and spreading her arms

“Go ahead, I'm amazing, drink in this blonde goddess of style and amazingness.” So Peter did.

Yelena was shorter than Natasha by about a foot, but still much taller than Laura, her breasts were a C cup, and her tiny pink nipples were crinkled because of the cold, or because she was an exhibitionist, Peter didn't know.

“Okay, got it out of your system, great. I'm getting back in the water. You should join us.” and Yelena turned and drive back in.

“I am not showing myself to you unless you beat me in a spar.” 

Peter just shrugged, slid off his own clothing and stepped past Nakia to slip into the water. “Not to sound mean, but don't care. Shuri and I set the rules and I'm sticking to them. If you really want to fight me for the right to your hand, we can, but I'm just happy to be able to get into the pool without getting crap for not being dressed.”

Nakia glanced down, and then as Peter relaxed against the side and settled into one of the pool seats, she cast a more appraising eye over him. “Maybe, but, that is not why we are here is it?” and he shook his head

“You've both been hosts, and while Widow is going to stay with Natasha, we have talked about making Symbiotes for you both, if you want.” 

Yelena stopped swimming and paddled over the where the pair were sat, “Do we have to” and she made a circle and slid a finger in and out, “you know, cause I don't mind, but it wouldn't be a regular thing,” but Peter shook his head

“I can make them blanks. The bonding will be a bit rougher, as they will be like a child. Completely devoid of experience and memories. It’ll be your job to teach them, and ultimately to control them.”

Yelena laughed, “I was only offering sex, and you want to give me a baby, Natasha will be so disappointed in you Peter.” and Nakia snorted

“Think about it, it's not a one time deal, we want everyone to be the best they can be, especially after the mess we went through. And you've both proven compatible, and trustworthy.”

“Aww shucks, Peter, my heart went all fluttery at that, or maybe gas, not sure.” Yelena joked, and Peter snorted.

“Think about it, I'm going to get tables ready, and get the drinks down.” 

As he stood and stepped away, he did slightly smile as both sets of eyes locked firmly onto his manhood.

Yeah, still got it, he thought as he smiled, but gonna behave myself, 

As his symbskin rippled, shedding the water from his body, he changed back into slacks and a t-shirt and went to prepare for the party.

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