Chapter 189 - Entering the Insect Wave!

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Although Zhou Hao’s prestige among the supernatural experts was very high and he was now the honorary president of the Supernatural Council, this matter was still a big deal and the other supernaturals still had to ask him about it.

“I obtained this Ultimate Breaking Finger by chance.”

“After obtaining it, I cultivated it for a period of time. At that time, although I discovered something, I was still uncertain.”

“Just now, when I used the Ultimate Breaking Finger to kill many illusionary sound insects, I clearly felt a higher-level energy increase in my body.”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he directly pulled out a trace of the invisible power that was different from blood essence.

The reason why he did this was to see if anyone here recognized this energy.

He could be considered to have ascended to the heavens in a single step. Thus, although he was powerful, he was severely lacking in knowledge.

Dean Shi Zhi and the others were all martial artists and were trained academically and were very familiar with all kinds of knowledge.


However, Zhou Hao was disappointed.

None of the supernatural experts here, including Dean Shi Zhi, knew what this energy was.

Although everyone did not know what this higher-level energy was, they still completely believed Zhou Hao.

At the same time, they also understood why the other methods had limited effect on these illusionary sound insects and why the effects of the Ultimate Breaking Finger were so obvious.

It turned out that the two secret techniques were not on the same level at all.

“Senior Zhou, what do you think we should do now?”

Previously, Zhou Hao had reduced a large amount of pressure on the battlefield.

Now that Zhou Hao had retreated to the city wall to regulate his breathing, the pressure on the other supernatural experts had multiplied. There were even supernatural experts who had almost died.

“The current plan is still to think of a way to retreat as soon as possible.”

“As long as we can repel this insect wave, the initiative will be in our hands. I can attack at any time and gradually get rid of these illusionary sound insects.”

Zhou Hao did not hesitate and shared his thoughts.

Dean Shi Zhi, Yang Hui, and the other supernatural experts nodded. What Zhou Hao said made sense, but it was also very difficult for them to retreat this time.

“Senior Zhou, the reason why the insect wave suddenly erupted this time is because the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King is about to lay its eggs and requires the flesh and blood of a large number of human martial artists to replenish its nutrition…”

Dean Shi Zhi did not continue.

If they wanted to quickly defeat the insect wave, they had to kill the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King.

The strength of the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King was not inferior to a peak-level supernatural expert at all.

Moreover, the other party was currently hiding behind the insect wave. They were unable to approach at all.

Even Zhou Hao probably wouldn’t be able to do anything under such circumstances.

“Does that mean that we have to get rid of the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King?” Zhou Hao asked Dean Shi Zhi.

The Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King was one of the top-notch insect kings in this spatial rift area and was extremely powerful.

Because it was about to lay eggs, it would not appear at the frontline of the battlefield. Moreover, the time it took for the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King to lay eggs was very long, and it would enter a weak state after laying the eggs.

Therefore, the pressure on this defensive line was not that great.

Otherwise, with a Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King here, even if there were no other demon beasts or foreign races from the Machine Race, everyone would still have a headache.

“That’s right. If we can kill the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King, these insect waves will lose control and become a pile of loose sand. It won’t be long before they retreat.”

Dean Shi Zhi nodded and struggled to get up.

“Senior Zhou, I’ll go with you to deal with the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King.”

His eyes were filled with determination. Shi Zhi knew that Zhou Hao would definitely deal with the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King, and he definitely wanted to fight alongside Zhou Hao to increase their chances of winning.

However, Zhou Hao might still be able to return in the end, and he would definitely not be able to return.

Even the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King in its current state was incomparably terrifying. It was not something they could deal with at all.

“No need. You guys continue to block these insects. I’ll go and kill the Sky Crystal Purple Scorpion King. Even if I can’t kill it, I’ll still blast it back into the spatial rift.”

With that said, Zhou Hao’s figure disappeared with a bang.

The surrounding people only saw Zhou Hao’s figure flash further away before quickly disappearing.

Soon, a terrifying battle that shook the heavens and earth erupted behind the insect wave.

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