Chapter 26 - Moving to the Villa

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Nighttime in Philadelphia was always stunning, but there were also dangers revealed in the dark.

In the bar, Aries looked at the man opposite him with gloominess on his face. Those things Alger did before had stripped Aries’ dignity completely, so Aries had been feeling resentful in his mind.

When he went back, he even wanted to take down Alger’s friend, Lisana, at first. However, his best friend didn’t only disagree with him, but even scolded him directly.

This made Aries feel humiliated, so he could only come here to find some gangsters and ask them to give Alger a lesson for him. It was best that they could cripple Alger.

He directly took out Alger’s photo, put it next to the person’s hand and said, “Deal with this guy for me. It’s best to make him crippled!”

“This is a bit difficult. I’ll go to jail for deliberately hurting someone.” The man looked at Alger’s photo, then smiled and said.

Apparently, he meant that Aries still couldn’t convince him right now.

Aries understood what this person meant. He said with a deep voice, “When it’s done, I’ll give you 200,000 dollars!”

The man shook his head with a teasing look.

“500,000 dollars!” Aries said.


Winnie came home after work.

Once she walked into the door, she saw Madam Bella carrying her luggage happily, as if she was moving out.

“Mom, you…” Winnie looked at Madam Bella in confusion.

“Oh, my dearest daughter is back!” Madam Bella said with a beaming smile, “Go pack your bags quickly. We’re moving into the villa.”

“We’ve already got the villa. Who still wants to stay in this shabby place any longer?” Madam Bella said as she pushed Winnie and asked her to pack her bags.

“Now? But Alger hasn’t come back yet. Let’s wait for him to come back and pack together.” Winnie nodded and said.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Winnie said this, Madam Bella immediately looked sullen and said, “Alger? You still want to let him stay with us?”

Winnie’s heart tightened and she said in dissatisfaction, “Alger bought me the villa. Why can’t he live there?”

“I don’t care. I’m the owner of the villa now. I won’t let Alger live with me. You two might separate in the future and you’ll have to divide your property!”

Madam Bella put up a straight face and showed the temperament of a vixen.

Hearing that, Winnie felt very sorry for Alger in her mind, and she was also dissatisfied with what Madam Bella planned to do. She said, “If that’s the case, you should go live there yourself. We’ll stay here!”

“Why are you staying here? This house will be sold in the future. It’ll be a waste of money if we keep it empty!” Madam Bella said without caring about anything else, “Go pack your bags now. Why do you care about a loser like Alger?”


Winnie frowned and looked at Madam Bella. She felt very dissatisfied in her mind and said, “I’ve already said that I’m not moving. You can live there by yourself if you want!”

She said as she directly turned around and returned to her room, shutting the door hard.

Madam Bella’s dissatisfied reproach could be heard clearly outside the door, saying things like Winnie was stubborn and that a loser like Alger didn’t deserve to live with them.

This made Winnie enraged in her mind, but there was nothing she could do. After all, that was her mother.

After reproaching her for a while, Madam Bella still took her luggage and left.

She already couldn’t wait to move into such a huge villa.

Alger was riding his motorcycle home. His clothes were also very inconspicuous. People would probably not connect Alger with the CEO of Youssie Corporation when they saw him.

When he was on the way, he thought of the person he met during the day.

That person, who claimed to be here to protect him.

He said his father, Arms, sent him here.

Thinking of what Madam Lisa said when he first contacted her, it wasn’t difficult for Alger to imagine that the trouble his biological parents encountered seemed to be quite serious.

Otherwise, Arms certainly wouldn’t send Larsay here to protect his safety. Of course, he couldn’t rule out the possibility that Larsay was here to keep an eye on him.

However, Alger couldn’t care less about this. The only thing he worried about was the Youssie Corporation, which he could originally rely on, seemed to become a bit difficult to deal with right now.

It seemed that Alger indeed couldn’t just do nothing every day. He needed to deal with these things seriously.

Turning the Youssie Corporation into the most impressive corporation in the city?

Alger didn’t know if he would be able to do so, but he would try his best!

When Alger returned home, he surprisingly found that Winnie was there alone.

Winnie seemed to have heard Alger’s car, and she walked out of her room, looking at Alger with a guilty and gloomy look.

Alger asked in confusion, “Did something happen?”

Winnie frowned and said, “Mom is moving to the villa now…”

“It’s fine. We’re supposed to move to the villa.” Alger said indifferently.

Hearing this, Winnie looked even a bit more guilty. She held the corner of her clothes with her hand while lowering her head, not daring to look in Alger’s eyes. She said with hesitation, “But I don’t want to live with Mom. My Mom doesn’t let you…”

Winnie didn’t finish the sentence, but how would Alger not know what she meant? It must be that Madam Bella wasn’t willing to live with him.

She was worried that the villa wouldn’t be theirs after Winnie and Alger divorced in the future.

Alger sighed in frustration and said, “It’s okay. We can live here anyway, right? It’s fine for us to stay here.”

“But my Mom is planning to rent the house to someone else.” Winnie looked even more distressed. She frowned and hesitated for a while before finally saying this.

At this moment, Alger was completely lost for words.

Seeing Alger remain silent, Winnie looked at Alger anxiously. She was finally relieved after seeing that Alger wasn’t angry. She said, “Are you hungry? I’ll make you something to eat?”

“Hm,” Alger smiled and said.

Alger was quite happy in his mind. For the first time since they got married, Winnie took the initiative to cook for him.

When Winnie left, Alger contacted Lisana.

“Boss?” Lisana on the other side of the call said.

“Hm, ask Bode Real Estate to prepare another villa for me. I’ll move in tonight.” Alger said.

“Alright, got it.”

A while after hanging up the call, Alger got a text from Lisana, saying that the villa was already ready and the key was with the security officer, so he could go there anytime.

Lisana’s efficiency made Alger very satisfied. In this way, the matter could be considered resolved.

In the kitchen, Winnie was feeling uncomfortable in her mind..

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