The Extraordinary Son-In-Law: Alger Rolle

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Alger Rolle






Novel The Extraordinary Son-In-Law: Alger Rolle - Author: Alger Rolle
Alger is an aspiring young man. The world is his oyster after graduation, but his mother becomes seriously ill. It wipes out most of his savings.It’s at this time that a man comes to him and gives him a sum of money. In exchange, he must marry Winnie of the Rolle family. As a result, Alger becomes the matrilocal son-in-law of the Rolles, being despised by everyone else for several years.Fortunately, Winnie stays by his side. When he asks the Duke of Rolle for money for his mother’s medical treatment, he’s ridiculed by everyone again. However, when he arrives at the hospital, he’s told that the bills have already been paid. The visitor claims to be his biological mother and gives him a black card without a limit as compensation.Alger is shocked as he becomes the new CEO of the largest corporation in Philadelphia. Winnie happens to be responsible for negotiating financing with this corporation and she succeeds with Alger’s help. After that, Alger goes on the path of counterattacking step by step, surprising the people who once ridiculed him… back<<

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