Chapter 800 - Facing Her Biological Mother

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Chapter 800 Facing Her Biological Mother

“Hey, Honey!” While Lucas’s car was parked below the Brilliance Corporation office building and he was still hesitating, the door of the passenger seat suddenly opened, and Cheyenne got into the car.

But she looked a little bit fatigued.

“Was it busy at the office today?” Lucas asked with concern.

“Yeah, I don’t know why, but there are suddenly a lot more clients today. And they’re all renowned companies and families who want to cooperate with us, so there are a lot of things to do.” Cheyenne was exhausted, but there was a trace of joy in her eyes.

The fact that there were so many new and important clients meant that the Brilliance Corporation would get even better in time to come. As the general manager of the company, Cheyenne was naturally elated.

Lucas was very clear about the reason. At the competition last night, he had defeated Julian, a top powerhouse from the Peerless Martial Association, and became the overlord of California and Oregon, commanding more than a hundred of the top families of both states.

After learning that Lucas owned the Stardust Corporation, the Brilliance Corporation, and other businesses, these top families would naturally hand out olive branches in a bid to please Lucas.

The terms in the cooperation offers made by these companies had to be favorable to the Stardust Group and Brilliance Corporation.

Lucas naturally wouldn’t refuse the goodwill of these families.

“If things are too overwhelming, you can hire a few more assistants and secretaries to help you share the burden. I’m afraid that the company will become even busier in the future, and I’m worried that you will be exhausted,” Lucas said in a soft voice with a touch of heartache in his eyes.

Cheyenne smiled and hugged Lucas’s arm. “Actually, it’s not too bad now. The Brilliance Corporation was founded by me, and now that it’s developing so well, and so many new clients are taking the initiative to contact us, I’m really happy! So even if I’m a little bit tired for the time being, I’m glad to be so!”

Lucas could only smile bitterly.

But he understood how Cheyenne felt.

If Cheyenne wanted, he could use his power at any time to make the Brilliance Corporation the largest enterprise in California.

But it was Cheyenne’s heart and soul, and what she hoped to see most was her company growing well day by day rather than it suddenly transforming into a top company. “Oh, by the way, that woman we met called me again,” Cheyenne suddenly said. “Florence Howard?” Lucas immediately asked.

Cheyenne nodded and said with uncertain anticipation, “She said… she has some things to tell me in person. She claimed that it’s… about my biological mother.

“I don’t know if what she said is true or not, but… but I…”

Cheyenne clenched her fingers, clearly extremely unsettled.

She had actually long been prepared to never find her biological parents in her life. After all, she had been abandoned as an infant and left to fend for herself by a trash can outside the hospital.

If Karen hadn’t lost her daughter then and brought Cheyenne home because she wasn’t in the right state of mind, she wouldn’t know if she would be living in this world now.

After hearing Karen yelling at her hysterically and telling her that her biological parents hated her, Cheyenne had long been prepared to never know who her parents were. But Florence Howard, the chairman of the Flor Group, suddenly told her that she had news about her mother. Cheyenne naturally couldn’t calm down.

Lucas furrowed his eyebrows tightly, and his face darkened.

He had already warned Florence to stop appearing in front of him and Cheyenne, but he didn’t expect her to dare to take the initiative to contact Cheyenne.

It looked like she wanted to reunite with Cheyenne.

“What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you seem happy to hear about my biological mother?” Cheyenne asked with bewilderment after noticing the change in Lucas’s expression.

Lucas had once offered to help Cheyenne search for her biological parents. But now that there was finally a clue about her biological mother, he didn’t seem happy.

Lucas sighed. “Cheyenne, do you really want to find your biological parents? If they… I mean, if they are not good to you…”

Cheyenne was stunned for a moment before smiling bitterly. “I… I don’t know. But I think that there shouldn’t be any parents who don’t love their children. So I want to ask them face to face why they abandoned me.

“If they did it because they had no choice, I will probably forgive them. “But if… they abandoned me because they didn’t like me or for some other reason, then I’d like them to give me an explanation. I will then give up completely.” Cheyenne bit her lip and spoke with difficulty before suddenly turning around to look at Lucas. “Honey, you’ll support me, right?” Lucas looked at the expectant look in Cheyenne’s eyes and looked down, his eyelashes trembling. “In that case… if they’re as mercenary and money-grubbing as Karen, and they want to reunite with you for the sake of using you, what will you do?”

Cheyenne immediately fell silent as she imagined the scene.

The damage Karen had done to her was too much.

During this period of time, Cheyenne had been trying to avoid thinking about Karen, but Lucas’s words raked up the unhappy past.

Lucas couldn’t bear it either, but he had to mention Karen at this moment.

In a way, Florence and Karen were the same type of people. In fact, Florence was even more brutal.

Lucas had no right to decide for Cheyenne whether she should reunite with Florence or not. But he hoped that he could at least give Cheyenne a reminder so that she wouldn’t have any peachy fantasies about her mother. Once the truth eventually surfaced, she would at least be prepared and not end up suffering a huge blow.

After thinking for a long time, Cheyenne finally raised her head and said firmly, “Even so, I still want to meet them. I want to ask them why they abandoned me.”

After pausing for a moment, she suddenly asked Lucas, “Honey, do you already know something?”

Given her understanding of him, he wouldn’t just say those words for no reason. She reckoned that he must already know something

Lucas sighed.

At this point, there was no need for him to hide it from her anymore.

“Actually, the woman who called you is your biological mother.”

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