Chapter 1083 - Video Chat Among the Special Envoys of the Five Countries

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Chapter 1083 Video Chat Among the Special Envoys of the Five Countries

“Buzz buzz…”

The hovering sound of the helicopter’s propeller kept echoing in the sky.

In the cockpit, as soon as he hung up the phone, Fang Qiu immediately called the special envoys of the other four countries.

He first called Lester, the special envoy of Murica.

When the call got through, he heard Lester’s voice. “Hello?”

“I’m John Doe,” Fang Qiu answered blandly.

“You’ve finally shown yourself!”

As soon as he learned that it was John Doe, Lester immediately cheered up and asked in a threatening tone, “Where are you now? Where are the plutonium material map and the holy fruit?”

“Do you want others to get the materials for the nuclear weapons?” Fang Qiu didn’t answer his question but changed the topic.

“Of course, I don’t!” Lester replied immediately.

Until now, Murica still wanted to take the three tons of plutonium ore for themselves. As the Murican envoy, Lester knew well that even if he could not get his hands on the three tons of ore, he must not allow them to fall into the hands of other underground forces, mercenary organizations, or these countries in Zhongdong.

“I see.”

Fang Qiu continued, “Since you don’t, then please download an app named WeChat. I’ll tell those special envoys from other countries to have a video chat together.”

After that, he hung up the phone directly.

Then, Fang Qiu called Isabel and Yakov.

When they received the call from Fang Qiu, Isabel and Yakov were not as excited as Lester. Isabella spoke in all kinds of seductive and charming tones, trying to arouse Fang Qiu’s desire, just like she did in the past.

But Fang Qiu just ignored her.

In the end, Isabel, who had failed in her attempt, could only download the app as she was told.

Compared with Isabel, Yakov behaved very normally. First, he asked Fang Qiu what his purpose was. Without Fang Qiu’s answer, he still began downloading the app without any complaint.

Both of them knew that John Doe had been able to get everything he had now because of his great strength. Therefore, even if they wanted to take back the plutonium material map and holy fruit from John Doe, they would never show their intention too obviously.

Most importantly, they were not confident that they could confront John Doe head-on.

After that, Fang Qiu called the special envoy from L’hexagone.


When he got through, he heard a young man’s voice.

“Are you the new envoy from L’hexagone?” asked Fang Qiu.

“Who are you?”

“I’m John Doe!” answered Fang Qiu.

“John Doe?”

Upon hearing this name, the new envoy from L’hexagone was obviously stunned. Then his tone became slightly deep as he asked, “Why did you call me?”

“Do you want others to snatch away the plutonium mine?” asked Fang Qiu.

“What do you mean?”

The L’hexagone special envoy was confused. Why did John Doe suddenly call him and ask him such a question?

“If you don’t want such a thing to happen, download a communication app called WeChat. After you download it, I will start a video call with you special envoys from the other four major countries.”

After that, Fang Qiu hung up the phone.

The special envoys from the four countries all reacted differently.

Based on what Fang Qiu had felt, Lester was the only person among them that was hostile toward Fang Qiu. The special envoy from L’hexagone was a little cautious. Except for those two people, the other two special envoys all acted normally.

After the call, Fang Qiu immediately created a WeChat account with John Doe’s exclusive phone number, logged in, and started waiting.

Soon, he saw that the four special envoys all had created their WeChat accounts through the function option of adding friends according to their phone numbers.

After making sure that the four of them had created their own accounts, Fang Qiu immediately set up a chat group and named the chat group “World Peace Keepers”, which sounded a little naive.

In fact, when the envoys from the other four countries saw that name, they all burst into laughter.

After setting up the group chat, Fang Qiu immediately started a video call with them.

The four didn’t hesitate and immediately answered it.

“John Doe, I haven’t seen you for a few days. I thought you would have a hard time. I didn’t expect you to still look so handsome and masculine.”

Isabel giggled the moment she picked up the video call.

“Who is that man? I didn’t see him before.”

The new envoy from L’hexagone immediately caught Lester’s attention.

It was a young man who looked in his twenties. He had a baby face and yellow hair with freckles all over his face.

“I know you guys.”

The envoy from L’hexagone laughed and said, “You’re Lester, the special envoy from Murica, Isabel, the special envoy from Anglan, Yakov, the special envoy from Rashk, and John Doe, the special envoy from Huaxia.

“Nice to meet you guys. Please allow me to introduce myself.

“I’m Bernard, the new special envoy from L’hexagone. Now, I have arrived in Zhongdong and I’m looking forward to meeting you guys, especially John Doe.”

The other three envoys all looked at John Doe.

They were curious about whether this new envoy from L’hexagone would be hostile to John Doe since John Doe had killed the previous envoy from L’hexagone.

Besides, Bernard looked very young. Since he had been appointed as a special envoy, it meant that he wouldn’t be any weaker than Abel. Then, how strong was he? What kind of a metahuman was he?


Just as Lester was about to utter his thought, Fang Qiu interrupted him. Lester didn’t know whether Fang Qiu did it intentionally or not. “I know you guys want to get the plutonium material map, but I have sent it back to Huaxia. Just now, I received a piece of news that the secrets behind the map have been uncovered. The location of the three tons of plutonium materials marked on the map turns out to be the Greenwich Mountain Range, just as someone had posted on the forum of the underground forces before,” Fang Qiu said.

“We’re all from the five major countries, so we all know well that our priority now is to guarantee that the mine won’t be snatched away by someone else or some other forces, instead of getting the mine.

“Since you have downloaded the WeChat app and picked up the video call as I asked, it means that you all agree with me. So from now on, we have the same goal. In order to guard the mine against the forces from Zhongdong and even from all over the world who are coveting the mine, we must unite together!”

Upon hearing the words, the other four envoys began to frown.

Just as Fang Qiu said, when the location of the mine was exposed, they realized that they wouldn’t be able to seize the mine and should focus on guarding the mine. First of all, they had to ensure that the mine would not fall into the hands of others. As for who would get the mine in the end, they were not sure now.

“The location marked on the map is the same place as what has been exposed now?” Lester asked.

He narrowed his eyes as a look of doubt emerged on his face.

The other three envoys were surprised as well.

No one expected that the secrets behind the plutonium material map would be made public.

Of course, these four special envoys also suspected that it was a trick played by Fang Qiu or Huaxia to deceive them.

“I want to know who leaked the information. If you guys from Huaxia have uncovered the secrets behind the plutonium material map, could I understand the matter as it is you guys who released the news?” Bernard asked with a smile.


Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “I made it very clear just now that we have just uncovered the secrets behind the map. But the location of the mine has been exposed for several hours, so it’s obvious that Huaxia is not behind this. Moreover, it has been a conspiracy from beginning to end!”

Fang Qiu frowned and asked, “Have you heard of the Nirvana Organization?”

The four envoys shook their heads.

They had never heard of the Nirvana Organization before, and the last time they heard this name, it was Fang Qiu who mentioned it to them.

“Let me give you a brief introduction to this organization.”

Fang Qiu said, “Nirvana is a particularly evil and self-righteous organization. They hold the belief that there shouldn’t be any pain in the world. If you’re suffering from physical pain or leading a hard life or under some circumstances alike, they would think you’re suffering and they think they should save you through Divine Intervention, that is to kill you.

“In the eyes of the members of the Nirvana Organization, they should be the one, instead of you, to judge whether you’re suffering or not.”

Fang Qiu took a deep breath and continued to add, “Do you remember the two men that suddenly appeared when we were fighting for the holy fruit? They were members of the Nirvana Organization. Before I grabbed the holy fruit from them, I heard them talking about their plan. They wanted to use the plutonium material map to start a big war in Zhongdong, to save the people who were suffering in their eyes through Divine Intervention. They wanted to destroy the source of the pain of the people in Zhongdong, and they thought the main source of the pain was the Truth Division and Gospel Division.

“When the plutonium material map disappeared, they replaced it with the holy fruit. After the holy fruit was snatched away by me, they made the location of the plutonium mine public. All of this was part of their plan.

“If things go on like this, Zhongdong will be completely embroiled in a large-scale war, and once this happens, it won’t benefit your countries, right?”

At this point, Fang Qiu stopped talking.

“Hmph.” Lester snorted sarcastically and said, “This won’t benefit Huaxia either, will it?”

“That’s right.”

Fang Qiu shrugged and nodded. “So, we need to join hands!

“Everyone, what do you all think?”

The four envoys nodded in agreement, including Lester, who nodded his head the moment Fang Qiu finished speaking.

Although they all had their own intentions, they put them aside for the time being when they were faced with a true mission. They knew that they should unite against those other forces.


Seeing that everyone had agreed, Fang Qiu nodded with satisfaction and told the four of them his plan.

After listening to the plan, the four envoys were shocked by it.

“Are you sure that you have the ability to persuade the Black Mamba Mercenaries?” Lester asked.

“They won’t reason with you! Whether or not we can convince them is very important.”

Fang Qiu replied with a smile, “If we fail to persuade them, then let’s defeat them!”

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