Chapter 1086 - You All Fell for It!

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Chapter 1086 You All Fell for It!

“What’s going on?”

“It’s Huaxia, it’s John Doe. John Doe must have done it!”

In an inn of an unknown town in Zhongdong, the two young men of Nirvana Organization were very angry and anxious after receiving the news.

Looking at the young man at the peak of the ninth class, the ninth-class young man with one opened meridian asked anxiously, “Zhang Ying, what should we do?”

The young man who once disguised himself as the traveling companion and walked with Fang Qiu for a while, with the strength at the peak of the ninth class, opened his mouth and snorted angrily with red eyes, “How should I know?”

This time, the plan of Zhongdong was handed over to him by the organization. As long as he could do this well, he would be appreciated by the high-level management.

He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

Therefore, in order to ensure that there was no problem, he made a series of plans and carried them out step by step without the slightest delay.

However, John Doe’s appearance destroyed his plans one after another, which made him very embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Because the last plan of the organization was just the holy fruit, after the holy fruit was robbed by Fang Qiu, and his plan was destroyed, he had no choice but to ask the organization for help. As a result, with the purpose of fully completing this plan, the organization even took out the plutonium primary mineral!

Originally, he had thought that a fierce battle would have broken out in a short period of time in Zhongdong once the plutonium primary mineral was revealed.

Nevertheless, he hadn’t expected that John Doe appeared again. This time, he ruined his plan like before. Although it seemed that he was just stalling for time, he knew very well that John Doe could transfer the primary mineral away soon!

As for him, he could only look on helplessly.

Now, he didn’t dare to stand out and say that the news about McKen Mountain Range was false, because as long as he said it, he would definitely attract the attention of others. If he continued to remain anonymous, no one would believe him at all. Compared with a piece of anonymous breaking news, the armies of Murica and Rashk were more worthy of attention!

More importantly, his anonymous account had been monitored by all the major forces in the world since the last breaking news came out. Now as long as he logged in, it would only take a few seconds for them to find out his exact position. At that time, they would take the initiative to take action against him even without John Doe.

Moreover, if he dared to post something on the forum, he would be more likely to be suspected—How did he know that McKen Mountain Range was not a real destination?

If he was so sure, wouldn’t it expose that he already knew about it, so as to verify Fang Qiu’s words about the conspiracy?

At that time, everyone would not fall into their trap so easily.

The young man named Zhang Ying became terribly upset because of Fang Qiu.

After the statement of Black Mamba Mercenaries was released, Fang Qiu immediately asked the bearded man to take all the members to the plutonium mine on Greenwich Mountain Range, ready to break into the cave and move out the primary mineral in it.

Leading a large force, Fang Qiu released his Divine Consciousness and kept an eye on the area within 50 kilometers around him, ensuring their safety.

Under the scan of his Divine Consciousness, the area within 50 kilometers was as clean as ever without spies from any force. Even the medium-sized forces that had been stationed around the mountains were attracted to McKen Mountain Range. Even if some small forces left some people to guard the mountains, they were quietly removed by Fang Qiu.

Eliminating all the threats, Fang Qiu kept an eye out for his surroundings, led all the members of Black Mamba Mercenaries and went all the way to the mountainside of the mine with the strength of Guru Realm.

Here was the location in the photos that had been exposed on the forum.

In the middle of the barren mountain was a mine cave.

The mine cave snaked all the way down from the mountainside to the foot of the mountain, and it was even lower than the foot of the mountain, arriving at the deepest part of the mine.

Fang Qiu caught sight of a black iron gate!

On both sides of the iron gate, there were dozens of wooden pillars as thick as water buckets supporting the excavated mine.

“It’s inside.” After reaching the gate, Fang Qiu took a careful look, finding that the lock on the gate was actually a password lock. Without the password, it could not be opened.

“We can’t get in?” The bearded man came forward, reached out, and slapped hard on the big iron door. Then he frowned and said, “Judging from the echo of this iron door, it is at least 30 centimeters thick, equivalent to an ordinary wall. If we use explosives, it will likely cause the collapse of the mine and bury all of us here.”

“What if I don’t use explosives?” asked Fang Qiu.

“Impossible. You cannot open such a thick iron door without explosives.” The bearded man immediately shook his head and said, “I believe you now. If it wasn’t a conspiracy, how could someone install such a thick iron door in the mine?”

Speaking of which, the bearded man immediately narrowed his eyes, seeming to finally understand the serious situation!

“Step back a little. I’ll give it a try,” Fang Qiu warned.

The bearded man retreated with his men at once.

While waiting for them to retreat, Fang Qiu shouted in a low voice, “Great Hand of Destruction.” He waved his right hand and immediately attracted all Qi of Heaven and Earth around him. Then he slammed his palm out fiercely.

“Bang!” There was a loud bang.

The cave began to shake all of a sudden. Rubble kept falling, scaring the people of Black Mamba Mercenaries.

However, the quake did not last long.

When it stopped, all the members of Black Mamba Mercenaries, including the bearded man, were stunned!

“Thud…” A loud bang came out the next moment.

They saw that the thick iron gate in front of them was directly knocked to the ground by John Doe.

A large iron door that was at least 30 cm thick!

A single slap dealt with it?

At this moment, all the people present looked at Fang Qiu with different glances.

Before that, John Doe was just an ordinary expert in their eyes. No matter how highly he had been thought of, they did not think that John Doe could be strong. After all, they were the fifth-ranked mercenary group in the world, and they had their own pride.

But now, all of them were shocked at the sight of this scene!

This was definitely not what men could do! How could John Doe do this?

Seeing the thickness of the iron gate, Fang Qiu himself was also amazed.

He hadn’t expected the iron gate to be so thick. It must be more than a dozen tons.

Of course, more than a dozen tons was not a big deal for Fang Qiu, not to mention that he was using the power of a guru. Since it was the first time that he had used the Great Hand of Destruction based on the power of a guru, Fang Qiu didn’t even dare to use too much strength!

“There’s not much time left; hurry and move!” Fang Qiu shouted.

“Brothers, take action!” With a wave of his hand, the bearded man immediately let all his people rush behind the iron gate. There was a huge raw material device in the spacious space, which was filled with plutonium materials!

It had been shown in the plutonium material map that there were three tons of plutonium materials, but things were different when it came to plutonium primary mineral.

Three tons might not seem heavy, but there were too many raw material devices, which were very troublesome.

Fortunately, the men from Black Mamba Mercenaries were all quite strong and they had sufficient manpower. Moving these minerals should not cost them much effort!

“Fuck. Even if I get so many primary minerals, I can’t move them away.” The bearded man looked at the ore filled with primary mineral and couldn’t help but complain, “Even if you move it away, you can’t extract it.”

“We still have two hours,” Fang Qiu said. “There’s not much time left for us.”

The bearded man immediately made a phone call and asked his people to drive the big truck in. Then they worked together to load all plutonium materials and the devices into the truck. The result was several trucks in total.

An hour later, the work finished.

All the people drove the trucks and quickly sneaked them out.

When leaving the mine, Fang Qiu checked the time. It had been three hours since the beginning of the plan.

“Judging from the time, the plan has probably been seen through on the other side,” Fang Qiu said to himself.

In McKen Mountain Range, being watched by all the forces, the four envoys came to this mountain range, which was larger than the mountain range. After waiting for the spies sent by all the forces to come, they just took all the followers for a ride for an hour according to the plan they had discussed with Fang Qiu.

Seeing that it was about time, the four special envoys then gathered. Lester let out a cold laugh. “All of you, come out.”

People from all the major forces, who had been following them, stood out one after another.

“Hehe…” As soon as the people appeared, a mocking expression slowly emerged on Lester’s face. He said to everyone, “I didn’t expect that we’d deceive so many people.”

No sooner had he said that than all the people were stunned.

Then, everyone’s expression changed.

“You heard me,” Lester proudly laughed as he said, “You all fell for it!”

As soon as the words came out, all the people chasing after him fell into confusion at once.

They’d fallen for it?

Was this a trap?

There were no plutonium materials here at all?

In an instant, they all figured out what had happened, and at the same time, the anger inside of them rose.

Some of them even flew into a rage instantly, ready to attack the four.

However, thinking about the nearby armies of Murica and Rashk, and that there was a big country behind each of these four people, they knew that they couldn’t afford to offend them at all.

Helplessly, this group of people who were cheated could only suffer silently in anger!

Of course, the first thing the spies did was to report to the forces behind them immediately after they knew they’d been cheated!

There was no doubt that the first ones to receive the news were the Truth Division and the Gospel Division.

“What?” At the headquarters of the Truth Division, the old military counselor, who had always been very calm, blushed with anger after receiving the news and said, “I’ve been cheated. Have I been cheated?

“John Doe. It must be John Doe. He is not in McKen Mountain Range. It must be him!”

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