Chapter V1C25 Sonia Aquarid (5)

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Season 1 Chapter 25: Sonia Aquarid (5)

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 25 – Sonia Aquarid (5)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Frey spent a day in the inn to get rid of his fatigue.

He intended to rest for today before heading into the mountains again tomorrow.

Early the next day, Sonia’s party left.

They seemed to be headed right to the Jun family residence in Kastkau. (TL: yes ‘Kastkau’ and now ‘Kausymphony’)

“We’re probably gonna stay with the Jun family for a while. By the way…will you come to the house to visit?”

Sonia tried to speak as casually as possible, but she was unable to hide her expectant and anxious expression.

Frey did not notice her behavior, he was only thinking about the fact that Peran had asked him such words before.

“When I find what I’m looking for, if you are still at the Jun family then we’ll meet.”


Though Sonia spoke plainly, her face was practically shining.

Frey watched them as they left the city before turning around.

It was finally time to go to the dungeon.

* * *

‘I have about three weeks left.’

He would use the last week to travel back to the academy.

Of course, this wasn’t because he was willing to learn in the academy.

He was curious about the identity of Syris Triznine, but it wasn’t just that he wanted to uncover her identity.

Frey had a habit of setting a deadline for himself when he had to work on a task.

There were more than a hundred mountains in the Ispania Mountain Range and naturally it would be almost impossible to search all of them quickly.

Fortunately, Frey had some clues as to what mountain Schweiser would have put his dungeon on.

‘That should be the place.’

Frey looked up at an extremely tall mountain in the distance.

This mountain, which was twice as large as most of the other mountains, directly pierced the clouds.


Though it also had another name.

“Drake Mountain.”


A Drake’s roar pierced the ambience of the mountain range.

Frey narrowed his eyes and looked towards it.

Drakes were among the best predatory monsters and the ones that lived in the Ispania Mountains were especially powerful.

Just their teeth alone were enough to easily destroy huge boulders.

The worst part was that these creatures lived in packs.

This was the reason why Frey decided to move only after achieving 6 stars.

‘Now I should be able to handle about 20 Drakes.’

However, there was no one who could say just how many drakes could be found in the Ispania Mountains.

There was also a chance that a ‘mutant’ that the bar owner had told him about could also appear.

Frey calmly began to climb the mountain.

Drake Mountain was very tall, but the danger was beyond imagination.

Even a 6 star mage could easily lose their life if they were negligent.

After climbing for about an hour, Frey finally encountered his first monster. It was not a Drake, but an Ogre.

But unlike normal Ogres, this one had red skin and three eyes. In its hand was a huge tree for a club, and there was a mass of flesh and blood nearby.

The mountain was called Drake Mountain, but that did not mean that other monsters couldn’t be found here.

To enter their territory, one had to reach the waist of the mountain. Below that was the area where all sorts of monsters lived. (TL: ‘waist of the mountain=the middle area’ similar to ‘foot of the mountain=bottom’)

‘It has keen senses.’

Frey narrowed his eyes as he inspected the Ogre.

‘That should be fire resistant skin. So. Did it evolve to survive against the Drakes?’

From what he knew, since it was strong against fire, then there was a high chance that it was also relatively weak against ice.

Frey quickly chanted a spell.

“Ice Spear.”


Three ice spears appeared in front of him.

When the Lich Dullard had attacked the Cortez, the spears he created were much larger in comparison to the ones that Frey created, however, the difference in the concentration of mana was not something that could be compared.




Frey clicked his tongue.

The skin and bones of the Ogre were much stronger than he had anticipated.

The spear aimed at its head had been blocked with just his skull and the one aimed at its chest had been blocked its ribs.

‘To block my Ice Spears means that its bones are as hard as steel.’

For these types of monsters it was most effective to burn them with fire, but this one happened to be fire resistant.

Frey realised that the Ogre in front of him would be more annoying than the mercenaries that he’d faced the other day.

Drake Mountain lay in the center of the Ispania Mountains.

This meant that the monster one would find here were much stronger than those that could only live in the outskirts.

‘I could kill it if I used Earthquake, but that’s too loud.’

If he made too large of a fuss then other monsters would surely flock toward the sound..

The same was true for wind magic, while it might be helpful, the disadvantage of that was that it had a very large range.

‘There’s nothing else I can do.’

He had no choice but to choose a slight foolish method.

“Ice Spear.”


Ten ice spears materialised in front of him and a bone freezing chill could be felt.


The Ogre roared at him and it was so powerful that it destroyed the ground.

“If you make so much noise, what reason would I have to keep quiet?”

As he muttered this in a low voice, Frey lined the spears up.




The Ogre opened its eyes wide. An ice spear was sticking from his forehead..

Frey had hammered the ice spear as if it was a nail, sending it deeper with each successive spear.


The Ogre’s body fell to the ground, causing it to shake.

As he looked at the body, Frey couldn’t help but mutter.

“That wasn’t bad.”


The fight just then had been pretty helpful for him to adjust himself.

Fighting the students in the academy could never compare to this.

This one battle had been much more beneficial to him even when compared to fighting the mercenaries of the Lich, Dullard.

“This is what I want.”

This was something he could become immersed in.

Frey’s eyes shined.

It seemed that this trip wouldn’t be as boring as he thought.

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