Chapter V1C30 Dungeon, Inheritance, The King of the Mountains (5)

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Season 1 Chapter 30: Dungeon, Inheritance, The King of the Mountains (5)

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 30 – Dungeon, Inheritance, The King of the Mountains (5)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Torkunta laughed at the Phoenix. He was the one who had failed to catch it the last time.

He already knew what it was.

A creature that was called a mythical being.

[Are you coming to me again? Do you think I can’t burn you with my flames just because your feathers are made of fire?]


Torkunta opened his mouth once again and his flames spewed out toward the Phoenix. The Phoenix twisted its body in pain.

[Why did you come back here after running away in fear? I never miss a prey twice.]

Eating a Phoenix might give its persistent vitality to him.

Torkunta had gained the special properties of several monsters in this way. This time, he wanted it to happen again.


The breath attack stopped and Torkunta looked down.

He hoped that he hadn’t burned the Phoenix to ashes.


However it still seemed to be okay. It was strange

Torkunta understood his power very well, and it was also possible for him to guess the approximate level of his opponent.

Originally, he just had to use his breath and the Phoenix would be panting and barely holding on.

[So you were hiding yourself.]

Torkunta laughed happily.

[There are many humans that I can step on. That guy who ran away also seemed to be a rare talent, but not like you. Good. Let’s have some fun.]

* * *


Frey let out a pained grunt.

A storm like chill seemed to be rising from his body.

White frost clung to his face and he looked quite pale. There was white steam leaking from his mouth. His fingertips were cracked like pottery and his lips were blue.

If anyone touched his body at that moment it would be as though they were touching ice.

Frey’s body was cold to the extent that even the north and south poles could not compare to him.

This was the Frozen River.

An elixir of extreme coldness.

If Frey hadn’t been able to reach the 6 stars level before taking it, then his body would have slowly become an ice sculpture and his heart would’ve stopped completely.


The power of Frozen River was so strong that even a 6 star Wizard would have troubles handling it properly.

But Frey was able to.

Ultra precise mana control, a sense of balance that did not tolerate errors even if they were the width of a hair and mental power that couldn’t be distracted by the pain that was ripping through his body.

Without even one of them, his body would have already shattered like a piece of ice.

Originally he had intended to take the elixir together with a potion that had a large amount of flame power or after his body had reached the stage perfection.

Even then, it would still take him a week to fully digest the Frozen River.

But now he couldn’t afford to do so.


Blood poured out of his nose.

Frey could feel nothing but pain and cold throughout his body.

Such horrific pain would have caused the mind of any other person to stir and twist but Frey’s mind remained the same as though nothing was happening.

‘This is nothing.’

This pain, this cold, it was nothing.

He’d suffered much more than this numerous times. The problem was that the time was too tight.

‘A little bit…just a little bit more…!’

The cold air that was surrounding Frey’s body began to spread to his surroundings.

Crack. Crack.

The rocks around him became white before cracking and splitting into pieces. The ground slowly began freezing over.

The range slowly extended outside the cave.


This caused Torkunta to notice the chill.

At that moment, he was very relaxed. This was because the Phoenix could not hurt him no matter how much it struggled.

Simply his skin was able to fight against the flames.

But he was weak against the cold.

‘What the hell…is that?’

Torkunta felt a chill down his spine.

He noticed its existence immediately. His instincts warned him that that cold could kill him.

‘I have to deal with it immediately’

Just as Torkunta turned his gaze away.



The Phoenix struck Torkunta’s left eye with its beak.

Torkunta struggled with the great pain. For him, this was the first injury he received in decades.

[This, This…! How dare you!?]

He roared in anger and smacked the Phoenix to the ground. Even then he could not get rid of his anger and trampled on it repeatedly.

Kwang! Kwang!

When Torkunta’s massive body trampled the ground, the surroundings shook as though there was a major earthquake.

Soon, Torkunta’s stomping stopped.


The Phoenix, whose body was a mess, spat out some blood, yet it still managed to forcefully raise its head.

At the moments that their gazes met it provoked Torkunta’s anger once again.

He felt like this bird was laughing at and mocking him.


It was at that moment.

Crack! Crack!

Ice poured out of the frozen cave.

The ice was like a plant growing at a tremendous rate. Moving as if it was alive, it then pierced the bodies of all the drakes around Torkunta.

This happened in an instant.


Torkunta looked around.

His offspring groaned and spat out blood.





The ice broke apart.

The drakes’ blood and flesh rained down together with the pieces of ice.


Frey walked forward.

(TL: Very different from the comic but the main points are still similar. The last chapter will be the last one for Book 1)

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