Chapter V1C32 Friend (1)

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Season 1 Chapter 32: Friend (1)

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 32- Friend (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Frey’s body, which was about to descend the mountain, stopped.

Torkunta’s words suddenly appeared in his head.

‘Some of them had weapons that even I couldn’t break. It was too troublesome to deal with so I put them in my lair.’

He should have been talking about the items that were taken from Schweiser’s dungeon.

Torkunta said he put them in his lair.

After thinking for a moment, Frey flew up into the sky. When he reached quite high, he could see all the mountains that were right around Drake Mountain.

There was a reason for him to pay attention to these mountains and he soon found a hole in one of them.

It was a cave, large enough to accommodate Torkunta’s body.

Frey dived into it without any hesitation.

Near the cave there were about fifteen drakes and when Frey approached, they all opened their eyes and looked at him.

Frey shook his hand slightly.

Crack crack.

The bodies of the drakes quickly became frozen sculptures.

Frey looked down at his palm.

‘As long as it’s water or ice spells then it’s not inferior to 7 star magic.’

But only those two types would be able to display such power, he couldn’t use the rest.

This was because the power of the Frozen River had caused the balance of his mana to become skewed to one side.

This was a situation that Frey, who liked balance, could not tolerate.

‘It’ll take about a month to digest this energy.’

He needed to use the half of Torkunta’s heart to digest and regain the balance of the energy, after that, he’d be reborn as a complete 7 star wizard.

Frey put those matters aside for now.

Inside the cave was very large and a warm energy could be felt immediately.

This was similar to the heat that he felt from Torkunta. Therefore Frey was certain that this play was Torkunta’s lair.

Frey looked around again.

On the left wall, there were a dozen or so smaller holes.

He frowned as he glanced over at them because there seemed to be a bad smell coming from within them.

There were monster and human corpses there. Some of them were just bones while others were more fresh.

Frey searched through the holes a bit and found what he was looking for in a hole at the top.

Schweiser’s items.

‘It’s not just a few.’

After all, quite a few people had gone down to the dungeon.

While, unsurprisingly, no one had made it past the fifth room, that didn’t mean that they didn’t leave with anything valuable.

‘Salamander’s Robe, Conconyl’s Dagger, Four Seasons, Eiz Necklace.’

The Salamander’s Robe was particularly resistant to fire magic. It would have been better if he had been wearing it during the fight with Torkunta.

The other three were useless to Frey.

He wore the robe right away and placed the others into his bag.

Now it was time to go down.

He hurried, but he didn’t get into the town until the sun was coming up.

He then headed to the bar where the owner looked at him with a dumbfounded expression.

“What are you doing, that everytime you come, you are this messy? And what did you do to your hair?”

Compared to his messy appearance which he had seen before, the white hair caught his eyes the most.

Frey’s hair seemed to contain a chilling air that even as he was looking at it he felt a shiver go down his spine.

“It’s called the Hell Mountains. Anything can happen.”

When Frey refused to answer directly, the owner shook his head but he did not continue questioning him.

“Go up to the room. I’ll send some hot water.”

Soon after, as he’d said, a middle aged woman came up with a bucket of warm water.

She was probably the owner’s wife.

After washing himself and fixing his messy appearance, Frey changed back into his school uniform.

The Ispania Bear Armor was basically rags from his recent trip, so he decided to throw it away.

Then he headed straight toward the warp stone in the town.

To return to the academy he first had to go to Kausymphony.

He checked the schedule and found that the nearest warp to the capital was at 7pm, so he still had over 12 hours to spare.

Frey returned to the bar and ate breakfast before deciding to rest his eyes.

He was very tired and quickly fell asleep, but he was still able to get up on time.

‘I feel a bit better after that rest.’

He felt that some of his tiredness had been relieved although it was still not enough for him to completely recover to peak condition.

When Frey was ready to leave, he first went downstairs and greeted the owner.

“I’m about to leave.”

“Right. Did you get what you wanted?”


“That’s good. Have a safe journey.”

The owner saw him off roughly at the end.

Frey left without saying much.

When he arrived at Kausymphony, the sun had already set but the streets of the city were still very much alive.

The street lights were so bright that it might trick someone into believing it was still daytime.

‘The capital is truly the capital.’

When he came back from Ispaniola, which could be considered a rural city, he truly felt the difference.

In fact, Frey had only stayed in Ispaniola for less than a week.

‘I was going to look for a ship, but there doesn’t seem to be any here now.’

He would have preferred to ride on the Cortez and have a conversation with Mac who he found to be far-sighted and good natured but there were no vessels at the harbor.

Frey looked around and tried to find an inn before suddenly thinking about Peran.

He had requested him before to visit his family.

‘I should stop by.’

On thing that stopped though, was that he didn’t know how to find Peran’s house.

After thinking about it for a moment, he just decided to ask someone who was walking down the road and ask them.

“Where can I find the Jun Family house?”

The man, who was in a hurry to leave the office, wondered why he was suddenly asked about a noble house from a little beggar kid.

His thoughts weren’t completely unwarranted.

He had looked a little better because he’d washed up in Ispaniola but his appearance was still messy.

His previously smooth skin was rough and dark and his hair was long and unkempt.

This was only natural after he had been rolling around in the mountains for a month.

Also Frey hadn’t realised it, but the insignia for his prestigious school which was on his uniform was covered by the Salamander’s Robe.

In other words Frey did not appear to be a noble in any way.

The man looked down at him.

‘Is he going to sight see?’

The residence of the Jun Family was large and elegant so it was normal for people to travel the distance just to take a look at it.

“If you go straight down the west road you will be able to find it. It is the largest and most spectacular mansion in the area so you will know it immediately.”

“Thank you.”

Frey walked down the west road for about thirty minutes.

By the time the sun was almost completely set, Frey managed to find the mansion.

‘That’s the building.’

It was truly the largest and most spectacular as the man had said.

The mansion was so big that it was hard to see all of it at once. The size of the garden that stretched from the front of the house to the 10m tall fence was enormous.

Frey approached the guards who were standing at the gate.

“What are you doing here?”

Even the guards were superb.

They spoke with a respectful tone despite Frey’s appearance.

This proved that they were well educated and well trained.

“I came to see Peran.”

Frey spoke calmly.

He came here to see his friend.

He didn’t have a need to be intimidated or feel nervous.

If he left a bad impression on the Jun Family then it might affect Peran’s status.


The guard’s eyebrow twitched.

This was because Peran, the name of the young master of the Jun family was just casually called by a little beggar boy.

“What is your relationship with Peran?”

“He’s my friend.”

The guards looked at each other.


Did he say friends?

A friend of the young master who was known to like being alone?

“Please tell me your name.”

“Frey Blake.”


At that moment the guards’ eyes widened and they immediately remembered something that Peran had told them as he entered the compound.

[My friend may come here before the vacation is over. His name is Frey. He’s one of the three sons of the Blake family. If he visits this mansion be sure to be as polite to him as you would to me.]

‘B-, but he appears to be a little different from what he said.’

They had been told that he was grey haired, but the person in front of them has stunningly white hair.

‘This child is not trying to cheat us with something he picked up is he?’

However was there anyone who dared to impersonate Peran’s friend to enter the Jun family?

The guard could not help but feel conflicting emotions.


The sound of a horse drawn carriage could be heard coming down the road and the guards couldn’t help but release sighs of relief.

‘This should be enough to send him away.’

’They first politely asked Frey, whose identity was still unclear, to step aside.

“Please wait a moment.”

Then they hurriedly opened the iron gates.

But the carriage stopped right in front of the guards instead of continuing through the wide open gate.

Soon after, a woman got out of the carriage.

She was a beautiful girl with golden hair who looked to be about the same age as Frey.

She was wearing a white dress which seemed to compliment her beauty perfectly.

She, the eldest daughter of the Jun family, slowly turned to the guards and opened her mouth.

“What is it?”

“Ah. Th-, that. A friend of the young master came…”

“My brother’s friend? Ah.”

Lylia recalled what Peran had told her.

He said that he had made a close friend on the ship when he was on his way home.

As her brother was someone who had a hard time getting along with people, Lylia was delighted to hear that.

However she still had some doubts.

Because for Peran, the word ‘friend’ might not have the same meaning.

Her gaze turned to Frey who was standing still.

‘Is this the man who defeated the lich?’

On their way to Kausymphony, they had been attacked by pirates and it was said that the pirates were backed by a great lich.

At first, many people didn’t believe it, however an investigator sent by the empire soon proved that Peran’s words were indeed true.

Still Lylia couldn’t fully believe it.

Especially when someone defeated a lich that even Peran couldn’t beat.

‘He’s said to be two years younger than my brother…’

A man who was the same age as her was stronger than Peran who was said to be one of the world’s greatest geniuses?

She knew that Peran wouldn’t lie for something like that but she couldn’t help being skeptical.

Lylia hid her feelings and smiled.

“So you’re Frey. I heard a lot about you from my brother. If it’s okay with you, you can take my carriage with me.”

“Yo-, young lady?”

“That’s dangerous.”

The guards hurriedly tried to stop her, but Lylia let out a laugh instead.

“What is dangerous? Sir Nihad is with me.”

Frey saw a gloomy looking man who came to stand beside Lylia.

He seemed to be a knight, considering the sword that hung at his waist.

The guards took only a single glance at him before swallowing their words.


The young lady’s guard, Sir Nihad was one of the strongest knights in the capital, maybe even in the top 5.

“But we are not yet sure.”

“You said he was a friend of my brother. All we need to do is take him to my brother first and if he is lying then it wouldn’t be too late to punish him then.”

After she said that, there was nothing else that the guards could say.

In the first place Lylia had the most capricious and stubborn personality out of all the children of the Jun family.

If they kept pushing like this then it might lead to trouble so the guards reluctantly closed their mouths.

Lylia gave a bright smile and turned to Frey.

“Then would you like to go?”

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