Chapter V1C39 The 3rd Magic Tower (1)

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Season 1 Chapter 39: The 3rd Magic Tower (1)

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 39 – The 3rd Magic Tower (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Shepard had told him that there was a circle hideout nearby and before Frey had left to go to the magic tower, he had offered to him there once.

But Frey refused.

Although he was still curious about the tower, he had decided to make it his priority to restore the state of his body and enter the 7 star stage completely.

‘Because I don’t want what happened with Torkunta to happen again.’

Pride and carelessness had caused him to encounter a crisis. One such experience was enough for him.

“Good luck on your test.”

As he said that, Shepard gave him a square card.

On it, there were many elongated circles overlapping over to form a strange ring.

“In half a year, the circle will be recruiting people. You’ll have to go through some tests, but you will be able to get through them with ease.”

“Is it like an entrance exam?”

“It’s the same concept. As long as you have that card, you will be able to participate in the test.”

It was in half a year so there was plenty of time to spare.

“Of course, it’s fine if you don’t want to participate. I’m not forcing you.”

Then he looked at the card that he’d placed in Frey’s hand before saying.

“There’s also a card with my name on it. There are many benefits to having it but…”

He looked back at Frey and gave a big smile.

“You don’t need it right?”

“Yes. This is enough.”

“Hoohoo. I knew it. So will you be staying in the tower for half a year?”

“Unless something special happens.”

“If you want to take part in the exam look for a man by the name of Lucas or Mikael. They’re not Strow Necklaces, but they are also in the circle so they would be able to help.”

Frey bowed his head.

“Thank you for your concern.”

“No problem.”

Before leaving the mansion, Frey went to visit Sonia last.

It seemed that she would be leaving the mansion soon as well. Although the engagement was not successful, it did not seem to cause any serious problems between the two parties.

Frey finally asked her a question that he had from long ago.

“Sonia, I’m curious about the swordsmanship you were using.”

“You mean Dreadment?”

“Right. Is it a swordsmanship passed down by the Luanoble Kingdom?”

“No. It’s my family’s arcane swordsmanship.”

So it wasn’t from the kingdom but was instead a family technique.

Then was Lucid the ancestor of the Aquarid family?

Frey wanted to ask more, but family secrets was a sensitive topic so he did not dig any further.

‘It could’ve been his student.’

Unlike himself, Schweiser and Iris, Lucid had many disciples.

One of them might have been from the Aquarid family.

‘Maybe Sonia is also connected to the circle.’

One of the three large circles that Shepard had mentioned was called Lucid’s Sword.

But he couldn’t jump to conclusions.

Frey then said goodbye to the regretful Sonia.

There was nothing left for him to do in the Jun Family.

Frey left the mansion.

The 3rd Magic Tower was located in a city south of Kausymphony called ‘Uthiano‘.

As a city with a magic tower, Uthiano had its own warp stone which allowed Frey to arrive there the same day.

* * *

Mischael Blake, the eldest son of the Blake family, looked at Patrick with a frown.

“So…Frey is Peran Jun’s friend?”

“Right. It turned the banquet hall upside down. They seemed to be pretty close.”


“…I thought Floor Master needed to know this, so I came to tell you. Then I will take my leave.”

“Hmm. Thank you.”

Patrick bowed and left the room. (TL: snitch)

Mischael who was left alone in the room, frowned.

“Frey…friends with Peran Jun.”

Frey Blake.

There never was and never will be someone with such horrible talent in the Blake Family.

He was the shame of the family with no sensitivity to mana, a timid and docile personality, no stubbornness, no passion and no ambition.

‘That guy could become Peran’s friend?’

Mischael had met Peran before.

Even though they were both great nobles he couldn’t help but feel a bit of respect.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t imagine that person hanging out with the timid Frey.

“What do you think, Heinz?”


Heinz Blake, who had been leaning against the window listening to the conversation, responded as if he had no interest in Mischael’s words.

“…They both go to Westroad Academy. There’s nothing strange for them to have a relationship if he got lucky.”

“Hmm. That loser has done quite well.”

It seemed that there was a good result from a guy he would have never expected it from.

Mischael thought for a moment before getting up from his seat.

‘I should tell father.’ (TL: another snitch)

Maybe there was something they could use from this.

Mischael slowly walked out of the room.

Heinz stared at his back with an indifferent expression.

* * *

Frey arrived in Uthiano and began looking around.

It seemed to be a moderately bustling city, but because he had been staying in the capital for a while, it did not leave that big of an impression.

But there was something that Kausymphony didn’t have.

He looked up at the big tower that was in the center of the city which could probably be seen from any direction within the city.

It was very tall and wide.

Frey immediately headed toward the tower. Up close, he felt that it was even grander than he had thought.

Frey was absorbed by emotion.

“Was it when I was 20?”

The first place that he had become seriously immersed in magic was in a magic tower.

There, he had met Schweiser, and Iris too.

The tower at that time was shabby compared to this one, but it was still fun.

It was good to have friends to learn magic together with. He had been so absorbed that he didn’t even want to waste his time sleeping.

The three of them gave each other positive stimulus. Competition had been an excellent facilitator, allowing them to become the best wizards.

A smile stretched across Frey’s lips.

In a way, the days he’d spent in the magic tower were some of the best days of his life.

A time when he could happily wait for tomorrow without having any worries or burdens.

As he looked up at the tower and became filled with nostalgia, he noticed a group of people passing by him.

They were all wearing brown robes, but their robust physiques made it seem like they weren’t wizards.

They weren’t even human.

They had eye catching dark skin, contrasting silver hair and pointed ears.



They were also Dark Elves which were said to be incredibly rare.

A group of Dark Elves were in a human city?

This was a sight that was unthinkable 4,000 years ago.

‘Looks like the walls between racial groups have been torn down.’

When he was in the academy he had read something about it in a book. In particular, he learned that the relationship between the Elves and the Dwarves was so good that they continuously traveled between each other’s land.

‘And it seems like the Elves have been able to accomplish unity and harmony.’

It seemed like the destination of the elves was also the magic tower.

So Frey naturally followed after them.

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