Chapter V1C6 To Change Overnight (2)

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Season 1 Chapter 6: To Change Overnight (2)

Ch6 To Change Overnight (2)

Afternoon class had begun. David stepped onto the vacant lot, arriving early. Anthony, who just stopped by the infirmary, said.

“I heard that Jack will be alright. They say he’ll be up by evening.”

“What were his symptoms?”

“The professor doesn’t know yet, but knowing him it was probably just mana exhaustion.”


David was unsure. The other students were starting to gather.

It was almost time for the lesson to begin when Professor Jane made her appearance. She was one of the few female professors at the Academy, but was unmarried even though she was over forty. Students who attended her classes at least once were well aware of the reason. She had an awful personality similar to Professor Kevin and was not enthusiastic about this class. That last point was especially important to David.

If Dio was the professor in charge of today’s class, chances were high that he could not achieve his goal. He treated all students fairly. Perhaps there was no difference even in the way he treated the unparalleled genius Peruan and Frey the disgrace.

But Jane was different. David understood her personality well and had the confidence to use it to his benefit.

‘But why hasn’t he showed up yet?’

He didn’t run away, did he? David began to think so, but soon shook his head. Maybe the past Frey would, but not now.

Frey made it to the practical training field just in time. David was anticipating the moment he would kill him. When he saw Isabelle accompanying him, his face hardened.

‘Isabelle Triznine? What was she doing with Frey?’

They seemed to be absorbed in conversation. What was even more surprising was Isabelle’s expression. She, who rarely displayed emotion, was now more animated than ever. She gestured as she talked, and her admiration showed clearly on her face. She was even giggling.


The very same Isabelle who would not spare David a single glance despite his efforts to woo her.

Professor Jane turned to Frey.

‘Frey Blake, what could’ve happened to cause Professor Dio to say that he would not be able to supervise the class?’

She was puzzled but did not care too much about it. Jane looked around then spoke in a bland tone.

“I see you’ve all gathered. Then, I’ll call roll. Ian Durite.”

Once she noted that there were no absentees, she continued with a nod.

“Today’s class will be a practical training session. You will all compete one on one. However, the match may be suspended at any time according to my personal judgment. Only 1-star spells will be allowed for the sake of fairness. Any questions?”

David raised his hand.


“How are you deciding the pairs that will compete?”

“The professor in charge will decide. Don’t worry, I’ll match only those similar in level.”

With an expression devoid of any ill intent, David spoke what was really on his mind.

“I’d like to be matched with Frey.”


Jane was baffled.

“Aren’t you a 3-star, David? You’re not on the same level as him, though.”

“I don’t think it matters since I can only use 1-star spells anyway.”

Jane knew that he was wrong.

For example, she was confident that even if all the students here attacked her at once, she would be able to overpower them with 1-star magic. In the same way how a first-class knight would overpower scores of fledgling soldiers.

David, who will soon reach three stars, and Frey, who will show signs of mana exhaustion after casting just a few shots of Magic Missile…

The result would be obvious. Nevertheless, Jane was not going to fret about it.

‘If it’s the Stonehazard House, things shouldn’t get too bad.’

Jane nodded, thinking of David’s family.

“I’ll allow it.”

Jane’s words caused an uproar among the students. Most of them had seen David threatening Frey yesterday. Some even quietly disproved of Jane’s irresponsible decision.

“I have something to say.”

Frey raised his hand. David laughed, guessing his intentions.

‘It’s too late to back out now, no matter what you say.’

Only a very small portion of the professors did not need to be wary of the Stonehazards. Of those were Adelia and Dio.

“Tell me.”

“As far as I know, a lot of accidents occur during practical lessons. If someone were to be badly injured, would the other get punished?”

Jane focused on Frey, nodding inwardly.

‘So you’re already assuming you’re going to be the one getting hurt?’

Since it would be impossible to defeat David by himself, he was asking if David could be punished by the school rules. Frey’s intentions were clear, but she could not meet his expectations.

Jane firmly shook her head.

Dueling occurred frequently among those who studied magic in particular. He would have to accept the consequences of losing without arguing about it.

It was a sacred battle held to put a magician’s authority and honor on the line. Even one’s house or parents could not interfere.

“This practical lesson has been conducted throughout the academy’s history. Frey, let’s say you lost your arm in a future duel. After the duel is over, would you resent your opponent and borrow someone else’s hand to plot revenge?”


“Okay. That’s all I needed to know.”

Jane affirmed that he would not act according to her suspicions. He could not punish his opponent for the injuries sustained from losing the match. It would be different if he lost his life, but David did not want to go that far.

‘I’ll help treat you if anything happens.’

If he was crippled, the Stonehazards would not be able to avoid punishment, no matter how much power they had.

David’s smile grew.

“As I said before, I will stop the match myself if your life is in danger. Any more questions?”


“Then let the first match begin. Frey, David, head to the practical training field.”

Frey and David went to the nearby training field and faced each other, surrounded by the rest of the students and Professor Jane.

“You’ve earned my praise for not running with your tail in between your legs.”

David laughed aloud.

“You want me to tell you what I’m planning to do to you now? First, I’m going to crush your vocal cords so that you won’t be able to speak. Of course I’m not going to stop there. I’ll break all your limbs, too. I want to see you crawl, so your legs are going first.”

David was not planning to go that far. But he threatened him like this as a bluff, attempting to draw out the look the original Frey would make.

Frey, however, asked without lifting an eyebrow.

“Can you even do that with 1-star magic?”

“That doesn’t matter. I’m going to use vision magic.”

His expressionless face he answered with irritated David. However, Frey’s expression finally changed at the words “vision magic.”

“Vision magic. Only the direct lineage of a family who carries it can inherit it. You’re going to use that here?”

“Yeah. Pfft. Why, you scared?”


David thought Frey’s face would have been filled with fear. Vision magic was precious enough to be called a family treasure.

The vision magic that most magician houses had was tightly veiled because it was considered the secret art of the family. But David paid it no heed.

‘Vision magic won’t make a difference.’

With the right conditions, even a 1-star wizard could use vision magic. It was one of the possible loopholes in the practical lessons.

Although a strict professor like Dio wouldn’t have allowed it, it was clear that Jane wouldn’t be blamed.


Jane’s voice resounded throughout the field. David immediately used “Stone Rage,” the vision magic of the Stonehazard family. This technique was used to pull rocks from the earth and bombard the target at once.

The size of the rocks could have been adjusted by David. However, even if a rock the size of a fist was pulled, it would be enough to crush Frey’s vocal cords. David sneered inwardly. The earth shook and many stones rose. Looking at it, Frey muttered.

“Magic Missile.”


David couldn’t hold back his laughter. It was as he expected. After all, no one had ever seen Frey use anything other than Magic Missile. Nevertheless, he could not guess how he would use Magic Missile even in front of Stone Rage.

‘You should’ve surrendered when you had the chance, Frey Blake!’



David writhed on the floor, not realizing what had happened.


He felt terrible pain in his throat and tried to scream, but could not even do that. Were his vocal cords completely destroyed?

“It’s unbelievable how shitty you have to be to waste vision magic like this. The Stonehazard house certainly is special.”

If he was in his right state of mind, he would have vented his anger. But at the moment, David was in tears from the pain. This was the first time he felt pain, who grew up under the halo of Stonehazards. Only then did David understand what happened. Frey’s Magic Missile broke through Stone Rage and smashed into his neck!

“What did you say again? That you were going to break my legs after my neck?”

Another Magic Missile formed in front of Frey.

David stared at the scene, his body limp.

‘S-Stop it! I give up! I surrender!’

He cried frantically, but there was no sound. Only a powerless whistle came out, and even that was too weak to reach Frey.



David’s eyes rolled to the back of his head. He almost passed out. In fact, he wished he did. But the breathtaking pain kept his mind teetering on a thin wire.

‘I-I get it now.’

He remembered what Frey had asked Jane before the match. It wasn’t that he was worried about himself. Clearly, Frey wanted to know what would happen if he made David a half-paralytic.

“Is it really that painful? Having your vocal cords ruined and legs broken?”


Frey was frighteningly indifferent. David was afraid of the look on his face, but his voice terrified him more, sending shivers down his spine. It had a light tilt.

“You’re trash who doesn’t even deserve to be called a magician. I’ll give you a little help in giving up your miserable dream.”

‘That, that’s enough…!’

If that happened, David would be abandoned by his family. The past Frey had clearly shown how those who failed to use magic in magician families were treated.

The vision magic would fall into the hands of his brothers, and he would have to live under the care of his family for his entire life.

Magic Missile.

It was unbelievable that 1-star magic could be so petrifying. David looked at the Magic Missile, his eyes filled with horror.

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