Chapter 100 - Ji City’s Stormy Situation (1)

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Chapter 100: Ji City’s Stormy Situation (1)

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No one could be certain about the amount of turmoil that would be brought about by Lei Xu’s death. Everything that had happened that day was like an unforgettable nightmare that would always haunt the common people who had witnessed it all.

They all respected Ji Fengyan’s strong powers, yet they were also glad that she was not one to harm the innocent. They could only warn themselves in their hearts not to provoke this powerful Master, after all no one was willing to wind up in the same situation as Lei Xu.

Besides Ji Fengyan, Yang Jian had displayed even more of his martial prowess. This made Linghe and the other guards shocked. Even though Yang Jian was tall and tough looking, after Ji Fengyan had carved him, he was either mining caves or staying still in his room. As such, Linghe and the others did not know that Yang Jian’s battling abilities were actually that powerful, and he was even more aggressive than them, who were warriors in the past!

As a result, when Yang Jian returned to the residence, he received many awed gazes from them. Many guards gathered enthusiastically and called out “Brother Yang Jian” affectionately. They were so enthusiastic that they had even wanted to drag Yang Jian out for drinks.

Ji Fengyan watched as everyone surrounded Yang Jian and could not help but laugh. “All right, you guys should all disperse. Don’t trick him. If this wood is going to be soaked in alcohol, I’m afraid that mushrooms will start to grow on it.”

After being reminded by Ji Fengyan, everyone then realised that Yang Jian was different from them and it was unlikely that he would be able to drink.

“Yang Jian, follow me first.” Ji Fengyan gestured to Yang Jian and with a straight face, he followed.

Yang Jian had killed many people in the previous fight. He only knew to react to Ji Fengyan’s commands and did not have other considerations. After the fight, even though most of the bloodstain was on his armour, it was still possible to tell the bloodstains on his hands and face.

If it was not cleaned, and the blood had seeped into the wood, Yang Jian would most likely really become a “dirty face”.

Ji Fengyan personally cleaned the bloodstains on Yang Jian. Luckily, she cleaned it on time and the blood had not seeped into the wood. When she created Yang Jian, her original intention was only for him to mine ores, but after Yang Jian had been in a fight, she then realised something she had neglected.

The wood used to create Yang Jian was cold. After checking Yang Jian’s body for any damage, Ji Fengyan was thinking whether to change the type of wood used on Yang Jian.

“Miss…” Linghe stood at the door and furtively stuck out his head.

“Um?” After checking, Ji Fengyan allowed Yang Jian to have his free time. Yang Jian left silently and Linghe walked in.

“Miss, now that Lei Xu is dead, I believe that the common people in the city would soon learn that you are the true City Lord of Ji City. When do you think we should move?” Linghe asked.

Ji Fengyan blinked her eyes as she looked at Linghe. “Move?”

“Yes, even though this residence is still fit for us now, but… it is really quite old. You are the rightful City Lord and by right should move to the City Lord’s residence,” Linghe said firmly. It was rare that their Miss was this efficient this time, so wasn’t it a good time to settle everything in one go?

Ji Fengyan pursed her lips and waved her hands without much interest. “Forget it.”

“Ah?” Linghe was a little dazed.

“With such a person like Lei Xu living in the City Lord’s residence for so long, I would not move there even if you invite me to,” Ji Fengyan said.

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