Chapter 1023 - The Power Of The Queen (2)

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Chapter 1023: The Power Of The Queen (2)

The Terminator had never been so arrogantly provoked before. His expression darkened and his lips curved in the trace of a malicious smile. He drew his sword and advanced.

“Little girl, it seems you have some talent. But… aren’t you too arrogant? Do you really think you are invincible? I want to duel with you!”

Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly and said casually, “Come on then.”

It enraged the Terminator. He charged forward with his sword.

The group of men from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang were somewhat shocked. They thought that this immature girl from the Kingdom of Hua Xia must be crazy to provoke a Terminator?!

One should know that the fighting capabilities of a Terminator were no less than that of an elite fighter. Was she not courting disaster with her arrogance?

Everyone was waiting for the Terminator to cut Ji Fengyan down.

By then, the Terminator had already charged in front of Ji Fengyan. He was so fast that one could see a trail of afterimages behind him. The crowd grew agitated as the sharp sword in his hand swept straight at Ji Fengyan’s head.

This stroke was so fast that most of the soldiers from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang could not see it clearly.


The distant gleam from the sharp sword reflected in Ji Fengyan’s eyes. Her lips suddenly curved into a smile.

“Too slow.”

The moment her voice rang out, she suddenly lifted her foot and kicked the heavy sword in the Terminator’s hand.

It was as if the heavy sword that was slicing towards her received a heavy blow. The sword immediately moved away and the force struck at the Terminator. This immediately checked the speed of his charge. He stumbled and almost failed to keep his balance.

How was this possible?

The Terminator looked at the heavy sword in his hand in disbelief. How could Ji Fengyan have diffused his stroke so easily? Further, the strength of the force had been completely beyond his control.

Ji Fengyan’s kick had been too fast. Besides the Terminator near her who had seen some afterimages, the men from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang who were standing behind saw nothing at all.

In their eyes, all they saw was that the Terminator had abruptly halted his attack.

“Wang Quan, surely you have not showed mercy?” A puzzled Terminator frowned and reminded him. He thought that the attacking Terminator had halted on his own accord.

Wang Quan turned pale. He secretly gritted his teeth. When he looked at Ji Fengyan, his expression became wary. That kick had been so fast, it surpassed all the opponents he had met in the past. It was even comparable to any elite fighter!

“If you want to beat me, I suggest you put on your World-Termination-Armour. Otherwise you can’t even withstand one blow from me.” Ji Fengyan smilingly looked at the ashen Wang Quan. A Terminator who had not activated his World-Termination-Armour did not have sufficient fighting capability to even give her a workout.

When these arrogant words left Ji Fengyan’s mouth, the puzzled soldiers were all stunned.

They had seen people who wanted to die, but had never seen someone so eager for death. If Wang Quan had not suddenly halted just now, she would have died under his sword. Now, she wanted General Wang Quan to activate his World-Termination-Armour to fight her?

Was she crazy?

But just as everyone was looking mockingly at Ji Fengyan, a strong and blinding light suddenly shot out from Wang Quan’s body. Wang Quan had really activated the World-Termination-Armour!

It stunned everyone. The remaining twenty over Terminators were all shocked. They never imagined that Wang Quan, as a Terminator, would activate the World-Termination-Armour to deal with an inexperienced teenage girl!

What kind of joke was that!

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