Chapter 1024 - The Power Of The Queen (3)

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Chapter 1024: The Power Of The Queen (3)

When the glow faded, Wang Quan had already put on the indestructible World-Termination-Armour. The gloss of metal covered his entire body and showed his incredible power.

Ji Fengyan’s lips curved in a trace of a contented smile. She crooked a finger at Wang Quan.

“That’s an obedient boy. Come here.”

The disdainful words provoked every soldier from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang that was present. They looked disbelievingly at Ji Fengyan, who “sought death”. They all thought that this young girl must be crazy.

After activating the World-Termination-Armour, Wang Quan’s fighting capabilities were immediately strengthened. With a flying leap, his agile body transformed into a streak of light in the crowd’s eyes. He charged violently at Ji Fengyan!

Amusement flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes. She finally leapt up and left Bai Ze’s back. She was not frightened at all. Instead, she rushed directly towards Wang Quan.

The moment Ji Fengyan moved, it stunned everyone from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

In their eyes, Ji Fengyan’s figure had vanished completely without a trace. It was as if she had completely disappeared from this world.

“How… how is that possible?” All the Terminators from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, who had been so smug just a moment ago, were now completely stunned.

Ji Fengyan’s speed surpassed what they knew of strength. Clearly, Ji Fengyan had not vanished, but her speed was so great, it surpassed the limits of what their eyes could see!

By contrast, they could still see the figure of Wang Quan, but Ji Fengyan was so fast that they completely could not catch her.

Now, the Terminators from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang panicked.

Now they realized that during Wang Quan’s first attack, he had not halted suddenly. Rather, Ji Fengyan had blocked him with a speed that they could not see. That was why Wang Quan had later activated the World-Termination-Armour.

What kind of terrible speed was this?

No one could explain it.

Even after he had activated the World-Termination-Armour, Wang Quan still could not achieve Ji Fengyan’s speed. This was unbelievable!

Ji Fengyan, who had vanished in the eyes of the others, became a figure of light that moved at lightning speed in the eyes of Wang Quan, who had activated the World-Termination-Armour. Even so, he could barely see a little.

This was the peak of Ji Fengyan’s powers. Her powers were just one step away from that of an immortal and came from the peak of an immortal cultivator’s powers.

Wang Quan just could not keep up with Ji Fengyan’s speed. He even had difficulty seeing Ji Fengyan’s movements. The hand that was clutching his heavy sword was already sweating. An agitation and unease that he had never experienced before arose in his heart.


An agonizing pain suddenly came from Wang Quan’s back. At some point, Ji Fengyan’s figure had reached Wang Quan’s back. She kicked hard upwards and landed a vicious kick on Wang Quan’s back.

There was a loud thump. It was as if a giant rock had viciously smashed Wang Quan’s back. The agony spread through the tough World-Termination-Armour to his spine. The violence of it caused him to sprawl on the ground!

Wang Quan’s figure was revealed amidst the streak of light. He collapsed on the ground in a pathetic state. It contorted the face hidden underneath the helmet in agony. No one could have imagined what a terrible blow he had received at that moment.

Ji Fengyan had struck the bull’s eye with one blow. She slowly landed on the ground. Her white robes fluttered in the breeze. She stood casually before Wang Quan.

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