Chapter 1025 - The Power Of The Queen (4)

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Chapter 1025: The Power Of The Queen (4)

Wang Quan, who had collapsed on the ground, felt as if Ji Fengyan had shattered his spine. His limbs were numb and he could not move.

Everyone from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang was dumbstruck as they watched this scene. No one could believe what they had seen—with a single blow, someone had beat a power Terminator to where he could no longer stand.

What was even more incredible was that the World-Termination-Armour on Wang Quan was not damaged at all. But from the way he was writhing, he was clearly badly injured.

What was this strange power?

How could it pass through the armor and kill someone with one blow?

Ji Fengyan’s gaze moved slightly. She looked down at Wang Quan, who had collapsed on the ground, and a mysterious smile flashed across her eyes.

Ever since her rebirth, she had been cradling a shattered inner core. Although she had continually sought opportunities to repair her inner core, the effects were not obvious. During the previous battle between the Terminators and the demons, she had felt somewhat strained. Now that her inner core had recovered completely, she realized that…

There was an unbridgeable divide between the Terminators of this world and immortal cultivators.

“Too weak. Just… too weak.” It was unclear whether Ji Fengyan was disappointed, or provoking her opponent. She shook her head at Wang Quan, who collapsed on the ground, unable to move. Then she raised her gaze and looked at the stunned troops from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

Ji Fengyan’s lips curved in a disdainful smile. She crooked her finger at the twenty stunned Terminators.

“You better attack together.”

What !!

The men from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang could barely believe their ears. The twenty over Terminators in front of Ji Fengyan were all looking in disbelief.

Was this girl crazy?

She actually wanted to single-handedly take on twenty-four opponents?!

And these were twenty-four Terminators ?!

After personally witnessing Ji Fengyan’s power, these Terminators felt guilty. It was as if it was not a young teenage girl standing before them, but a monster from hell.

“Why? Are you scared?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly and looked mockingly at the hesitant Terminators. Her blood was slowly starting to boil. She needed an even more vigorous battle to release the power that she had long-suppressed in her inner core.

These mocking words fell into the crowd’s ears. They immediately turned pale.

Who would believe that twenty-four powerful Terminators would hesitate when faced with the provocation of a young teenage girl?

This was a complete joke.

The Terminators exchanged glances. Although they were secretly frightened, they had no choice but to face the battle. Otherwise, the reputation of the Terminators would be completely lost and they had no way of recounting themselves to the Emperor of Fu Xiang.

“What’s there to fear? No matter how powerful she is, she is only one person. I don’t believe she has such impressive power.” A Terminator spoke with forced bravado.

With that, the twenty over Terminators immediately broke ranks. They did not dare to be the least bit careless. All of them had grave expressions. No one wanted to lose to a young girl.

At almost the same instant, the twenty over Terminators activated their World-Termination-Armour!

The beams of blinding light exploded outside the Free Valley, lighting up the surroundings.

Ji Fengyan’s arrogant actions already shocked Chi Tong and the others, who were hidden in a black area. They were shaken by Ji Fengyan’s power, but even more shaken by Ji Fengyan’s crazed actions.

Those were twenty-four fully armed Terminators!

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