Chapter 1026 - The Power Of The Queen (5)

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Chapter 1026: The Power Of The Queen (5)

“Queen… can you really do this?” Meng Fusheng panicked a little. He acknowledged that Ji Fengyan was very powerful, but… to single-handedly take on twenty-four??! That was asking for trouble!

Chi Tong and Gong Zhiyu’s expressions also became somewhat grave. They were secretly worried about Ji Fengyan.

However, Linghe’s expression was full of confidence in Ji Fengyan.

“Have faith in the Queen. She won’t do anything she is unsure of.”

On the battlefield, the twenty-four Terminators had all activated their World-Termination-Armour. They lined up. Their World-Termination-Armour glowed blindingly under the sunlight.

The armor symbolized power and was the guarantee of their reputation.

At that moment, all the Terminators were especially heavy-hearted. They could not afford to lose this battle.

They opposed a young girl with the strength of twenty-four men. If they won, they had nothing to boast about. At most, it would be a false victory, in which they bullied her with their superior numbers. But if they lost… that would mean everlasting shame!

With that, the twenty-four men went on high alert and gravely looked at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan’s gaze swept across the twenty-four suits of armor. It was as if she was not fighting with twenty-four elite fighters, but twenty-four suits of World-Termination-Armour that symbolized death and killing.

[Little devil, you are very arrogant.] At that moment, the demon god that had been silent for a long time, let out a sigh.

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled up.

The World-Termination-Armour was made from the bones of the demon god. And today, Ji Fengyan was about to crush the reputation of the World-Termination-Armour for being invincible.

“It is natural for youths to be arrogant. I don’t mind boasting this time.”

With that, Ji Fengyan’s figure vanished from everyone’s sight once more.

It shocked the Terminators. They could see that Ji Fengyan’s figure had transformed into a streak of light that rushed at them with incredible speed.

At that moment, they finally understood the pressure Wang Quan had been under.

What incredible speed!

“Attack!” They did not know who had shouted, but the twenty-four Terminators simultaneously sprung into action.

Their figures started moving swiftly. In the eyes of others, they could only see streaks of light flashing past. They were unable to determine what was happening on the battlefield.

This scene shocked everyone.

The troops from the Kingdom of Fu Xiang were all elite soldiers, and had been through numerous large battles, be it with demons or neighboring countries. They had previously slaughtered on the battlefield, but they had never seen a scene like this. This was a battle that made them feel completely helpless.

No matter what battle these twenty-four Terminators took part in, they provided the power to change the situation completely. Now, they attacked simultaneously, but only to oppose a single person.

This was a battle between elite fighters. Ordinary soldiers could not even see it, much less interfere.

The sound of explosions rang in their ears. They could not see what was happening on the battlefield, but as time passed, everyone’s hearts became heavier.

One against twenty-four, and yet she was not killed immediately. The longer this dragged on, the more it proved Ji Fengyan’s unsurpassed power.

Shi Dakai who was standing at the back of the array clenched his fists. He stared at this frightening battle. The assistant general who followed him looked panicked. “General, who on earth is this young girl? Is she really the Queen of Hua Xia? How can there be someone so powerful in this world?”

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