Chapter 1027 - 24 Terminators (1)

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Chapter 1027: 24 Terminators (1)

Shi Dakai felt unbearably anxious. He hoped Ji Fengyan would teach those arrogant Terminators a lesson, but worried that it would be all over for them if she really won. Ji Fengyan’s face kept surfacing in his mind. Those youthful features were not outstanding but gave Shi Dakai an odd sense of familiarity.

He just felt that he had seen her somewhere before.

But where?

Where on earth could he have seen that face?

It was impossible. He should not have so easily forgotten such a power practitioner.

Shi Dakai was still struggling to recall where he had met Ji Fengyan, when something strange happened on the battlefield.

A Terminator good at archery was working with his partner to find safe spots, from which they tried several times to capture Ji Fengyan, but to no avail. Just as he was busy signaling his partner, a ghost-like figure suddenly appeared behind him.

“Number one.”

A bell ringing a death toll sounded behind that Terminator. He barely had the time to turn his head when an intense pain radiated from his back!

Ji Fengyan had tapped the back of that Terminator with her palm. That weak-looking palm-strike sent him flying out!

With a cry, that person flew over 10 meters before falling heavily to the ground. Streaks of bright red blood stained his helmet…

The hearts of the other Terminators lurched. They wanted to give chase, but Ji Fengyan had once again disappeared.

This had become a battle where they had no chance of winning.

The more they engaged with Ji Fengyan, the harder it was for those Terminators to suppress the rising fear in their hearts.

They couldn’t even keep up with Ji Fengyan’s rapid speed, not to mention actually engaging her in a face-to-face fight. As the minutes ticked by, they were like a bunch of headless flies chasing after Ji Fengyan’s shadow.

How to fight such a battle?

The formerly arrogant Terminators felt an unprecedented feeling of failure and helplessness after engaging with Ji Fengyan.

Even having faced high-level demons, they had never experienced such a deep sense of impotency.

It was as if no matter how they struggled, they could never reach their target.

At this moment, they were like a herd of lamb headed for slaughter, with their time of death decided solely by Ji Fengyan’s mood. No one was sure when they would become the next sacrifice.

Helpless, those Terminators suddenly huddled together back-to-back to form a circle. They faced every direction with utter seriousness, cooperating with each other to set up a tight defense. This formation revealed just how powerless and desperate they were.

However, the situation was far from over.

Ji Fengyan kept appearing and disappearing, as if taunting her prey. She flashed past those Terminators under the blinkering fire light, her manner relaxed. After inciting fear in the hearts of those Terminators, she would once again vanish.

Suddenly, a melodious tune played out. The rise and ebb of that singing voice held the youthful freshness of a young girl. Each syllabus pounded upon the hearts of the 24 Terminators.

That voice came closer and closer, tugging at the frayed mental nerves of every single one of them.

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