Chapter 1028 - 24 Terminators (2)

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Chapter 1028: 24 Terminators (2)

Abruptly, the tempo of that tune sped up and the intensity of the atmosphere followed suit.


Just as the 24 Terminators were glancing about nervously, a white figure appeared above their heads, accompanied by the sound of the melody.

The Fu Xiang soldiers all gasped. At the same time, the Terminators finally recollected their senses and looked up in unison.


It was all too late.

Ji Fengyan was already hovering above their heads on her flying sword. The corners of her lips curled up in a faint smile as she continued to hum.

Suddenly, her evil-vanquishing sword flew out of her hand and danced gracefully in the air, directed by her fingertips.

Reflected in the eyes of the Terminators were arcs of light drawn by the evil-vanquishing sword, forming the apparitions of countless swords. Packed densely together like rain, the images covered the sky!

“Cascade of a hundred thousand swords!” Ji Fengyan breathed out those words.

At her command, over 100,000 sword apparitions descended rapidly to the ground!

Under the lightning-quick barrage of the swords, the Terminators panicked and instantly fled in all directions.


Too late.

It was already too late.

The descent of the 100,000 swords covered an area of several hundred meters, leaving nowhere to run or hide.

The sword apparitions moved as fast as shooting stars, leaving behind trails of silver light in the sky. They pierced the bodies of every Terminator before disappearing in the next instant, as if just an illusion.


Although the swords left no wounds behind, the people who were struck collapsed to the ground!

Everything happened so fast that the Fu Xiang soldiers had no time to react.

Within seconds, all 24 Terminators had succumbed to the attack by the sword apparitions. One by one, they fell before Ji Fengyan’s feet, unable to get up.

As the last sword apparition disappeared, the evil-vanquishing sword floating above Ji Fengyan’s head emitted a faint glow before returning soundly to her hand.

Everything in the area had fallen.

Ji Fengyan descended slowly on her flying sword among the collapsed Terminators. They were still alive but had already lost all their combat abilities. It was as if someone had shattered their bones. They laid unmoving on the ground, with only a slight quivering indicating that they were still alive.

“24.” Ji Fengyan grinned as she spat out that bone-chilling number.

From one to 24, with not a single gap between.

24 Terminators suffered a complete and public defeat by Ji Fengyan. They were totally helpless before her.

At this moment, an image surfaced in Shi Dakai’s mind as he watched Ji Fengyan’s smiling face. He finally remembered where he had seen this terrifying young girl!

“Ji Fengyan.. .she is Ji Fengyan!” Shi Dakai trembled all over. The fear in his heart emerged like a ferocious beast, ready to swallow him whole.

The deputy general turned even paler when he heard Shi Dakai’s words. He stared unwavering at Ji Fengyan’s face.

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