Chapter 1029 - 24 Terminators (3)

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Chapter 1029: 24 Terminators (3)

Ji Fengyan!

Half a year ago, this name would have been completely unknown in the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

But several months earlier, a wanted notice had been sent to Fu Xiang from the powerful Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. The warrant had the illustration of a delicate-looking young girl, and the bounty offered was the largest ever recorded!

When the deputy general and Shi Dakai had seen that notice, they didn’t know why the powerful Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon would put in so much effort to send out the warrant for such a young girl to every nation.

Only after they had heard about the crimes committed by that girl, did they realize how extraordinary she was.

A young girl who had been famous throughout the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon for successfully countering a demon ambush.

A young girl who led an army while only in her teens to destroy a demon nest and kill off a demon king.

A young girl who dared to murder the princess of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

A young girl who turned the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon upside down…

An evildoer bordering on the legendary.

From this moment on, the defeat of the 25 Terminators was not by any common person, but a wanted criminal commanding a sky-high bounty—Ji Fengyan!

The deputy general never imagined that he would personally encounter such a monster in his lifetime. He could hardly believe that the wanted criminal of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was actually the queen of Hua Xia!

“General… general…” The deputy general looked like he was about to cry.

Shi Dakai’s expression was likewise extremely grim.

No wonder… no wonder the Free Valley had been unified so quickly. No wonder even Gong they had subdued Qiang.

An evil villain who dared to go against such a powerful nation all by herself. What else would she not dare to do?

At this moment, Shi Dakai finally realized the truth. But this realization had come too late.

If they had known Ji Fengyan’s history, Shi Dakai would have done all he could to persuade the Emperor to let go of Mai Ya rather than provoke such an insane character.

An insane person who disregarded even the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. How could their tiny Kingdom of Fu Xiang compare?


It was all too late. The Kingdom of Fu Xiang and the Kingdom of Hua Xia had already crossed each other. Things would not be so easily resolved.

“General, what should we do now?” The deputy general’s legs had started trembling involuntarily. How mighty was the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon? It was a force so powerful that even their own Emperor would quiver before it. If even the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon couldn’t handle Ji Fengyan, what hope did they have?

Shi Dakai was rapidly reassessing the situation at hand. He quickly decided.

“Everyone attack now. We must take advantage of the fact that Ji Fengyan is all alone, and we must kill her. Do not give her any chance to call for backup!” Shi Dakai set down his command resolutely. They must not let Ji Fengyan summon her troops. Just her alone was enough to cause them a major headache. If they allowed her the slightest chance to catch her breath… it would be the end of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang!

Shi Dakai’s command quickly filtered across the massive army. The 200,000 soldiers recovered from their shock and surged towards the entrance to the Free Valley. A bloodbath was about to commence.

Ji Fengyan glanced at the sudden mobilization of the army with a faint smile. With a flick of her wrist, a plain talisman flew up into the sky.

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