Chapter 1030 - Teaching You Some Manners (1)

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Chapter 1030: Teaching You Some Manners (1)

The thin yellow paper drifted into the air, carried off by the wind. It became a tiny speck in the vast sky.

The 200,000-strong Fu Xiang army hollered as they charged forth. Streaks of sorcery strikes and arrow shots flew across the air.

The massive army surged towards that petite snow-white figure standing proudly in the wind and smiling at the murderous aura radiating from the soldiers.

In an instant!

Dark, stormy clouds crowded the sky and cast an enormous shadow across the earth.

Peals of lightning lit up the clouds, as crashing thunder rang out loudly.

The rumbling thunder swallowed the sounds of the charging army.

Shi Dakai looked at the sky to see a mass of storm clouds interspersed by lightning flashes. It was like the sky was breaking apart.

A sense of unease rose in Shi Dakai’s heart.

A strange phenomenon was happening in nature, but why?


Just as the unease in Shi Dakai’s heart crept up, a streak of lightning descended like a golden dragon onto the ground!


The lightning struck the Fu Xiang army and instantly turned hundreds of soldiers into ashes! The charging soldiers had no time to react at all.

But this was just the beginning!

In the next second, countless lightning bolts struck down as the Fu Xiang army floundered and wailed. Before the sorcerers could complete their chants, and before the priests could offer a single blessing—the lightning strikes took life after life.

“What the hell is happening?!” Shi Dakai’s mind was nearly blown. He could not believe that something so incredible could happen in this world.

Where did these lightning bolts come from?

Why did everything look like it was being controlled by Ji Fengyan!

The lightning strikes wrecked the huge army. Streaks of golden lightning carved out a belt of death outside the Free Valley. No one could cross that belt. Even a heavily armoured swordsman could not withstand a lightning strike, not to mention those fragile sorcerers!

How could humans fight against nature?!

In his fright, Shi Dakai raised his head and looked past the clouds towards Ji Fengyan…

On her face was a spine-chilling smile.

It was like this battle was just a farce to her. That disdainful manner made it seem like the entire situation was right within the palm of her hand.

A cold feeling rose in Shi Dakai’s heart. Ji Fengyan’s casual smile chilled him to the core.

The peals of lightning appeared to be controlled, targeting the 200,000-strong Fu Xiang army without harming a single plant nearby.

There was no way Shi Dakai would believe this was all a coincidence.


How could he then believe that Ji Fengyan led this lightning phenomenon?

If that was true… was this Ji Fengyan still human? Could a human being hold such power?

This was the first time that Shi Dakai had witnessed such an inexplicable force.

So mighty as to incite fear in the hearts of all.

And he was just thinking of taking down Ji Fengyan. Now he could see what a joke that was.

How to fight such a monster?

A 200,000-strong army was not even enough for her to play with!

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