Chapter 1031 - Teaching You Some Manners (2)

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Chapter 1031: Teaching You Some Manners (2)

Shi Dakai was shaken to the core by the scene before him. Meanwhile, Chi Tong widened his eyes in disbelief at the lightning phenomenon. Having experienced so many battles over the years, he had never witnessed such a vicious method. Unless one was a god-level sorcerer, who else could conjure a lightning-based sorcery with such ferocity?

Having already experienced Ji Fengyan’s “Five-Blow-Thunderstruck” during the Zhai Xing Lou battle, Gong Zhiyu couldn’t help chuckling at Chi Tong’s shock. “Do you now know what a devastating defeat Zhai Xing Lou had endured?”

One Five-Blow-Thunderstruck had annihilated Gong Qiang’s gold-cultivated monsters, with no chance for defense.

Chi Tong turned silently towards Gong Zhiyu. His Adam’s apple bobbed lightly before he nodded stiffly.

Gong Zhiyu laughed. “Even my wights-summoning spell could not go against this move of Fengyan’s.”

Gong Zhiyu’s wights-summoning spell was a nightmare on the battlefield. An endless number of wights that could not be killed would have driven any enemy mad. But… it was completely powerless before Ji Fengyan’s Five-Blow-Thunderstruck.

The wights could not die, but under countless of lightning strikes, those wights had all been turned to ashes. They could be resurrected again and again, but would the lightning strikes would just nullify them.

It could be said that Ji Fengyan’s Five-Blow-Thunderstruck was the bane of armies all over the world.

You could send as many soldiers as you wanted—it would destroy every one of them.

“Unfair.” Meng Fusheng clucked his tongue in wonder, feeling a glorious sense of relief for choosing to follow Ji Fengyan. With this all-mighty queen, what else would they need to fear?

While Chi Tong and gang were still appreciating the queen’s invincibility, the Fu Xiang side had already been blown to smithereens. That 200,000-powerful army had been reduced to ashes before they even came close to the entrance of the Free Valley.

What distressed them even more was the fact that they were entirely helpless against the lightning bolts which descended from the sky.

This sense of helplessness completely wiped out their initial morale and aggressiveness. Even without Shi Dakai’s command, those lucky enough to survive had retreated.

This was obviously a battle that could not be won. Being beaten to a pulp before they could even approach the enemy—how to fight such an opponent?

Shi Dakai’s face turned black as he watched the army throw down their gear and flee without regard for their military command. He never imagined that they would suffer an even worse defeat than the previous time they tried to invade the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

At least they had seen a team of Hua Xia archers during the previous battle. This time, a 200,000-strong Fu Xiang army was defeated by just a single Hua Xia person!

In addition, there were those 25 arrogant Terminators all collapsed on the ground, utterly useless to anyone.

“General, what should we do now? We have no moves left.” The deputy general was nearly in tears. He had never encountered such a sinister opponent before.

This unprecedented power was a torment to anyone.

They would not have been so despondent if the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had lost after going against the entire Hua Xia army. But the Kingdom of Hua Xia had demolished Fu Xiang’s morale and confidence with minimal effort!

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