Chapter 1032 - Teaching You Some Manners (3)

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Chapter 1032: Teaching You Some Manners (3)

At this point, Shi Dakai was already out of options. Looking at his ruined troops, Shi Dakai’s heart was full of despair. Faced with the wreckage, he spoke with much difficulty.

“Fall back…”

This time, it was no longer a strategic retreat but a rightful surrender.

Having already lost their battle morale, the Fu Xiang army reacted like a herd of fleeing wild horses on Shi Dakai’s command to retreat. Their only desperate wish was that they could run faster.

Over 50,000 men of the 200,000-strong Fu Xiang army had died by the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck. The remaining survivors fled as fast as they could.

No one was willing to remain a second longer in this hell.

Following Fu Xiang’s retreat, the inky clouds covering the sky outside the Free Valley dissipated. Sunlight shone across the earth and dispelled the gloom. Only the charred remains of those struck by lightning, and the 25 conscious but paralyzed Terminators, were left.

They had arrived with such arrogance, but Ji Fengyan had broken every proud bone in their body. They had thought they could turn the tables around with their 200,000-powerful army, but saw with their own eyes as their massive troops fled in a miserable state. Those Terminators were all ashen-faced and shocked to the core.

They watched as their impressive army faded into an insignificant speck on the horizon. No one paused and no one tried to save them.

“Your men have gone.” Ji Fengyan’s amused voice suddenly rang beside their ears.

Sweat dripped down the faces of the Terminators and pooled on the ground below their World-Termination-Armour.

They were not a match for Ji Fengyan, even at full capacity. What now when they couldn’t even move?

Those 25 Terminators tasted fear for the first time. Death’s shadow shrouded their hearts. They were truly afraid. The glory and confidence built over the years as Terminators had all but vanished at this moment.

From this point onwards, they were just a bunch of abandoned souls.

However, just as anxiety clouded in their minds, Ji Fengyan suddenly turned around and jumped upon Bai Ze’s back. Grinning at the 25 fallen Terminators, she said, “By virtue of your physical attributes, you should be able to move in about half a day’s time. By then, get lost and don’t obstruct the road leading into the valley.”

With that, Ji Fengyan rode Bai Ze away.

Only after the sound of hooves faded away did those sweat-drenched Terminators believe that they would really survive!

Ji Fengyan didn’t kill them!

It would have been an effortless thing for her to do.

Those Terminators were astonished. Since being defeated by Ji Fengyan, they had already been mentally prepared to die. Never did they expect…

Ji Fengyan didn’t intend to kill them.

Observing all this from a distance, Chi Tong and the gang were also surprised by Ji Fengyan’s actions. They never expected Ji Fengyan to let those Terminators live. But since this was her decision, they didn’t ponder over it much, and dispersed.

As a result…

Outside the entrance to the Free Valley, 25 fully geared Terminators laid on the ground exposed to the cold winds…

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