Chapter 1033 - I Am Willful (1)

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Chapter 1033: I Am Willful (1)

The entire Kingdom of Hua Xia rejoiced at Ji Fengyan’s victory. The mood in Heavenly Courts grew even more exuberant after everyone knew that their great queen had heroically defeated 25 Terminators and driven away a 200,000-powerful army. Although there were only 20,000 people in the Kingdom of Hua Xia, their high spirits nearly made them charge out towards the Kingdom of Fu Xiang in full battle mode.

When the people of Hua Xia knew that the Kingdom of Fu Xiang intended to invade them, they had all expressed their loyalty to Ji Fengyan by volunteering to lay down their lives and fight off the enemy.

In the end, they were all subdued by Ji Fengyan, who said that she would settle it herself.

At the beginning, everyone was still rather worried, but now… they finally realized they would have just gotten in the way if they had joined the battle.

The power held by their great queen was mind-boggling!

“You let those Terminators go?” Chi Tong and Gong Zhiyu went to see Ji Fengyan after returning to Heavenly Courts.

Ji Fengyan had never shown mercy during a battle. That Five-Blow-Thunderstruck alone had taken countless lives. He had thought Ji Fengyan would kill off everyone. Instead, she had released those 25 Terminators.

As for the retreat of the Fu Xiang army, Chi Tong understood the concept of not pursuing a defeated enemy. The Kingdom of Hua Xia could effectively defend against attacks while inside the Free Valley, whereas it would be a fatal mistake to pursue an enemy far beyond the valley.

But Chi Tong remained puzzled by Ji Fengyan’s decision to let those Terminators live. In his battle experience, it was always best to annihilate the enemy top commanders, so as to prevent a successful counterattack. Ji Fengyan’s actions had gone beyond Chi Tong’s expectations.

Ji Fengyan grinned at the confused Chi Tong and said half-jokingly, “I am willful.”

“…” Chi Tong nearly puked blood.

It was really… a willful answer.


There were some things that Ji Fengyan didn’t want to reveal too much.

A Terminator lived a pitiful existence. They had glory and reputation on the surface, but actually carried a heavy and inexorable burden.

Ji Fengyan had never shown mercy to her opponents. But she had already shattered the confidence of those Terminators. Even if the Kingdom of Fu Xiang wished to continue hassling them, those 25 persons would never dare to go against her again.

In the hearts of those 25 men, Ji Fengyan’s face had become a terrifying nightmare.

Chi Tong could see that Ji Fengyan didn’t wish to talk about this, hence he didn’t pursue it. He just went on to give an analysis of the two battles.

“The Kingdom of Fu Xiang suffered heavy losses in these two battles. I think if their Emperor is no fool, he should have already realized that there is no way his kingdom could win us in a war.” Chi Tong spoke in all seriousness.

The Kingdom of Fu Xiang had really lost terribly in those two battles. Unless Fu Xiang poured in all their resources and fought Hua Xia to the very bitter end, there was no way they could even enter the Free Valley.

No Emperor would be so foolish as to continue banging his head against a powerful adversary.

“What if the Kingdom of Fu Xiang sought an alliance with other nations?” Meng Fusheng suddenly asked.

Chi Tong shook his head. “The Free Valley is too far away from the other nations. Only the Kingdom of Fu Xiang is nearby. No other country would sacrifice themselves for Fu Xiang. Moreover, Fu Xiang has nothing to offer another powerful nation to help them.”

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