Chapter 1034 - I Am Willful (2)

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Chapter 1034: I Am Willful (2)

If another nation helped the Kingdom of Fu Xiang and achieved victory, their distance from the Free Valley would make it difficult for them to maintain control over the valley. It would also be pointless to dilute their own military force just to send soldiers over to hold this distant territory. As a result, the overthrown Free Valley would just fall in Fu Xiang’s hands.

Sacrificing their own men to fight another’s war, with no benefit. No one would do such a thing.

Meng Fusheng looked like he half-understood the explanation. “Then the Kingdom of Fu Xiang has been thoroughly defeated?” A sudden idea emerged in Meng Fusheng’s mind. He looked eagerly at Ji Fengyan.

“My queen, why don’t we attack them? Take over the Kingdom of Fu Xiang?” Meng Fusheng’s mind ran wild.

With just their god-of-war Chi Tong and their almighty queen Ji Fengyan—these two were enough to completely dominate the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. Not to mention that they still had the formidable giant soldier gods and that newly arrived ancient dragon.

Everyone would be terrified out of their wits if they were to launch their full force.

Meng Fusheng looked so complacent, as if he had the entire world at his fingertips—that Ji Fengyan couldn’t resist giving him one tight slap.

“What are you thinking of? You want to become an invader?”

Meng Fusheng rubbed his head in confusion.

Meanwhile, Chi Tong, Gong Zhiyu and Linghe couldn’t help smiling. They understood Ji Fengyan’s intentions.

Ji Fengyan fought for freedom, not dominance. She would never inflict an agony that she herself could not endure upon another nation. No matter how corrupt a country’s leader was, the citizens were innocent.

Ji Fengyan just wanted to watch over her Kingdom of Hua Xia in the Free Valley and live a peaceful and tranquil life.

Taking over the world was not something she had any interest in.

As long as no one provoked her, she would never harm anyone.

From the two battles with the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, they could see that Ji Fengyan loathed having to sacrifice her own citizens. In the first fight by Chi Tong, there had not been a single fatality. For the second battle, Fu Xiang had dispatched a 200,000-powerful army and 25 Terminators. No matter how powerful Hua Xia was, they would have suffered losses if they had sent an army to defend against such an immense force.

Ji Fengyan’s lone defense had brought their casualty rate down to zero!

Both Chi Tong and Gong Zhiyu had experienced too many obstacles in their lives and had seen enough of the darkness that existed in this world. They were likewise tired of the fight for dominance. They just wished for freedom, which was exactly what Ji Fengyan also wanted. This common goal united them.

“Stop thinking about such nonsense. Go about your duties.” Ji Fengyan scolded.

Meng Fusheng looked at the rest, only to see similarly disinterested expressions. Thinking it over, he realized that no status in the outside world was high enough to compensate for the freedom one had in the Free Valley. At that, he finally discarded his notion.

Ji Fengyan had no intention of taking over the world. However, some things would not go according as she wished. More would be revealed later.

Ji Fengyan and company did not mention the Fu Xiang attacks to Mai Ya. Nevertheless, news of it had already spread across the entire Heavenly Courts, and she naturally came to know of it. This news was a great shock to Mai Ya. She found it hard to believe that her kind and benevolent father, who had always avoided war, would actually send an army to attack Hua Xia twice.

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