Chapter 1037 - A Storm Is Imminent (2)

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Chapter 1037: A Storm Is Imminent (2)

When Ji Fengyan had first left the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, she had headed straight for the Free Valley. She did not know that they had distributed a warrant with her likeness to every country, and that the curtains were about to open on the scene of a vicious battle.

At that moment, Ji Fengyan was squatting in the Forest of Freedom, splashing water by the side of the Moonlight Lake. The Rhinoceros Beast lay quietly by her side.

The three dragon fledglings, that had just arrived at the Forest of Freedom with the ancient dragon, followed the Rhinoceros Beast. Although they were of different species, the aura on the Rhinoceros Beast made these three dragon fledglings feel very safe.

“I can see that these little fellows are in much better condition than when they first arrived.” Ji Fengyan turned her head and spoke to the materialistic dragon who sat by the Moonlight Lake, staring at the water.

The materialistic dragon eyed the sparkling crystals below the water and drooled. When it suddenly heard Ji Fengyan’s words, it turned its head and swept a glance at the three dragon fledglings, who were sunning themselves on the grass.

When the three dragon fledglings had first arrived at the Free Valley, they were in a pathetic state. Even their scales had been dull. After staying for a few days in the Forest of Freedom, their condition had improved greatly. Just that their physique was still thin and small compared to the ancient dragon.

“They’ll do. But I cannot compare their stature to mine. I doubt they will be as big as me when they grow up.” The materialistic dragon lazily wagged its tail.

Ji Fengyan looked at it speechlessly. She had also perceived the difference among these three dragon fledglings and the materialistic dragon.

She recalled that the demon, Chang Pu, had mentioned that another powerful race had cursed the ancient dragons. As a result, the race of ancient dragons had weakened and their strength had faltered little by little. The ancient dragon in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had been preserved in the form of a dragon egg and had not been affected by the curse. But Ji Fengyan realized that although the materialistic dragon was large, there was a certain disparity between its size and that of the ancient dragons in legend.

This meant that the materialistic dragon itself might be suppressed by the curse, and these three dragon fledglings were even more affected by the curse.

Ji Fengyan could not help but worry when she thought about it. The enemies of the ancient dragons had not let them go. Based on the strength of the curse that bound the ancient dragons, if they were attacked again in the future, would they be able to defend themselves?

“Come here.” Ji Fengyan suddenly gestured at the materialistic dragon.

The materialistic dragon was puzzled, but still stretched its head over.

Ji Fengyan placed her hand on the head of the materialistic dragon and sent waves of vital energy into the ancient dragon’s body.

The ancient dragon felt a warm aura spreading from Ji Fengyan’s hand to its entire body, relaxing it. It involuntarily half-closed its eyes, its face drunk with pleasure.

The recovery of Ji Fengyan’s inner core had made her vital energy much stronger. Otherwise, she could not ascertain the situation within the ancient dragon’s body.

This investigation made Ji Fengyan frown involuntarily. She detected a very vicious power within the ancient dragon’s body. This power spread throughout the ancient dragon’s body. Although it was very faint, it had a huge effect on the ancient dragon.

Was that the curse?

Ji Fengyan’s brow wrinkled slightly. She withdrew her hand, stood up, and walked towards the three dragon fledglings.

The materialistic dragon was just enjoying itself when it suddenly realized that Ji Fengyan had left. The pleasurable power had also disappeared. With mournful eyes, it gloomily watched Ji Fengyan walk over to the dragon fledglings.

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