Chapter 1039 - Dragon Soul Elixir (1)

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Chapter 1039: Dragon Soul Elixir (1)

The strength of a curse was derived from the power of the person who cast it.

The more powerful the caster of the curse, the more vicious the effect.

Ji Fengyan could detect the energy radiating from that curse. Although thousands of years had passed, the strength of the curse remained mind-numbingly strong. This reinforced the rhinoceros beast’s concerns.

But she would never succeed if she didn’t try.

Her core had been damaged but was now fully recovered and she could handle much more power. The materialistic dragon had helped her so many times at the risk of its own life. She must repay his kindness.

Ji Fengyan suddenly thought of a crucial point. She scurried over to the materialistic dragon’s side. “You mentioned that you felt very good after eating that thing I gave you previously?”

The materialistic dragon looked at Ji Fengyan blankly.

“Gold? Jewels?” The materialistic dragon could only think of sparkling objects.

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips twitched and she immediately used her vital energy to create a spiritual soul.

The materialistic dragon’s eyes glowed when it saw that spiritual soul.

It remembered that thing. When Ji Fengyan first summoned the dragon, she had tried to give a spiritual soul to it as a reward. The dragon didn’t realize how good that object was until it swallowed it and felt a soothing feeling spread throughout its body. Since then, it had not swallowed a spiritual soul.

“Ah! That!” The materialistic dragon reached forward to eat that object.

Seeing the materialistic dragon’s reaction, Ji Fengyan knew the spiritual soul must be effective for it. She generously tossed the spiritual soul into its mouth. The dragon cried out in satisfaction.

Ji Fengyan immediately reached forth to check the dragon’s aura after it swallowed that spiritual soul.

As expected, it weakened the curse upon the materialistic dragon after it ingested that spiritual soul. Although it was only a slight decrease, the effect was there.

The spiritual soul was something that immortal cultivators created out of their own vital energy. It contained strong spiritual energy and consciousness. A spiritual soul was something that Ji Fengyan and other immortal cultivators usually rewarded summoned creatures with, and it would differ according to the creature summoned.

Ji Fengyan had initially intended to summon a five-clawed golden dragon and created a spiritual soul suited to that type of dragon. But this object was obviously also very effective for this ancient dragon.

A crazy notion formed in Ji Fengyan’s mind.

Since the ancient dragon could accept a spiritual soul meant for a five-clawed golden dragon, then… did this mean that despite being of different varietals, all dragons held common characteristics?

Ji Fengyan was not especially knowledgeable towards the creatures of this world, but she did have a deep understanding of the powerful mythical beings of her former universe. If she used the same methods she had used towards those powerful creatures on the living beings of this world—wouldn’t it have the same effect?

That notion raced across Ji Fengyan’s mind like a raging fire as her pulse quickened.

Wasting no time at all, she immediately sat down and took out a bunch of instruments from her Space Soul Jade.

In her former world, the powerful immortals could directly rear ancestral dragons, by providing them with both spiritual souls and dragon soul elixirs. Ji Fengyan had never kept an ancestral dragon, but her grandmaster had previously mentioned a way to cultivate dragon soul elixirs. She couldn’t wait and try to see if it would work!

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