Chapter 1040 - Dragon Soul Elixir (2)

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Chapter 1040: Dragon Soul Elixir (2)

The most important ingredients for cultivating a dragon soul elixir were the vital energy and blood essence of an immortal cultivator. The best results would be obtained if one used these two ingredients. However, Ji Fengyan’s inner core had just recovered, and although she had already reached the level of a transcended immortal, but…

There were no immortals in this world at all. She didn’t know if a heavenly way existed here and if one could even transcend. Moreover, after her previous experience, Ji Fengyan knew that although she had enough knowledge, her preparation was still lacking. She needed to advance her cultivation in order to overcome the lightning tribulation.

Apart from vital energy and blood essence, valuable herbs were also required.

Luckily, the Forest of Freedom had abundant herbs. Ji Fengyan just needed to ask, and the living creatures inside the forest would help her forage for the needed items.

As the vital energy in Ji Fengyan’s body grew denser, that aura had a certain effect on the living creatures near her. This made her the most popular being within the Forest of Freedom, apart from the rhinoceros beast. Even those green creatures loved her.

Ji Fengyan made use of the naturally pure environment of the Forest of Freedom to cultivate a dragon soul elixir. The potency of using the waters of the Moonlight Lake and the herbs found here for cultivation was doubled, greatly increasing her success rate.


The dragon soul elixir was an immortal’s elixir. Even if her grandmaster was alive, it would still be difficult to successfully cultivate one.

Ji Fengyan tried over a dozen times to cultivate but was met with failure after failure. The method was extremely complex and it allowed not the slightest variance. Otherwise, the result would just be a pile of sludge.

Looking at the amount of wasted ingredients, Ji Fengyan couldn’t help feeling aggrieved.

Was this really too much for her?

The cultivation of such a high-level immortal elixir was beyond her abilities.


Ji Fengyan glanced at the materialistic dragon who had ambled over to watch her cultivation. Determination rose in her.

No worries, she still had time.

As night fell, Ji Fengyan remained at the same spot, dinning the cultivation process. She activated all the vital energy in her body and used it to surround every single material to ensure precision in every step.

Under the cover of the night, many exotic beasts had gathered around the Moonlight Lake. They appeared to be attracted by some kind of force, as they surrounded Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was not aware that those exotic beasts had encircled her. Focused to the point of being obsessed, she only had regard for the countless herbs and the gradual cultivation of the elixir in her hand. Ji Fengyan didn’t notice that her vital energy had already enveloped her entire body and was radiating a faint golden glow.

It was that golden glow which attracted all the exotic beasts in the Forest of Freedom.

A pure and soothing energy.

The rhinoceros beast stood in puzzlement at the side. It could feel an energy that had been lost for thousands of years from that golden glow. A holy energy.

[How could it be?] The rhinoceros beast stared in shock at the golden glow covering Ji Fengyan. It suddenly raised its head and could vaguely make out a dark and ugly figure among the dense trees.


At that moment, Mi’s gaze was fixed upon Ji Fengyan. Its eyes were filled with longing and a long-lost look of reverence.

The Forest of Freedom was totally quiet at this point. Every living being was being shrouded by that strange yet familiar energy.

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