Chapter 1041 - Dragon Soul Elixir (3)

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Chapter 1041: Dragon Soul Elixir (3)

After a long time, Ji Fengyan stared sluggishly at the golden elixir in her palm. Her delicate little face was drenched in sweat.

“Success?” Even her voice had turned raspy. Having spent half a day cultivating the elixir without even a sip of water and continuously spending her vital energy… all her efforts had finally yielded results.

Ji Fengyan finally cultivated a dragon soul elixir!

Looking at that tiny and plain-looking golden elixir, Ji Fengyan felt the impulse to cry for the first time.

If not for the natural purity of the Forest of Freedom and its thick spiritual energy, and the water from the Moonlight Lake and the high-quality herbs from the forest, Ji Fengyan would probably never have been able to successfully cultivate that elixir.

This was a true-blue immortal-level elixir. Ji Fengyan had put in her best efforts while at her peak form as an immortal cultivator—they could imagine the level of difficulty for that cultivation.

Ji Fengyan wiped the sweat off her cheek and hurriedly stood up. Shriveled herbs from the previous failed attempts were strewn around her. Any of those herbs would have fetched a top price outside. Only Ji Fengyan who had access to the Forest of Freedom could afford such wastage.

Ji Fengyan breathed a sigh of relief at the success of her first dragon soul elixir. She immediately walked towards the materialistic dragon and held the elixir beside its mouth.

The dragon stared in wonder at Ji Fengyan. It realized that she had spent so much energy to cultivate something just for its benefit.

“This is… for me?” The materialistic dragon asked stiffly.

Ji Fengyan nodded with a grin. “I can see that the curse remains in your body. I don’t know if this thing can help. Hurry up and eat it to see if it works.”

The materialistic dragon was extremely moved. It never knew another living being willing to do so much for it. At this moment, the dragon felt that this tiny elixir was more precious than any gold and jewels.

“Then… I will reluctantly accept it.” The materialistic dragon put on an arrogant front, but carefully reached out its tongue to take the elixir from Ji Fengyan’s palm.

The tiny elixir was nearly lost in the materialistic dragon’s gigantic mouth. But after ingesting it, the dragon felt an intense vital energy spread throughout its body.

Waves of warmth permeated out from that elixir.

Ji Fengyan examined the changes.

The dragon wanted to say something.


A gust of intense heat suddenly erupted from its chest!

The materialistic dragon hollered thunderously. Its eyes were ablaze and the strong flames covered its sight!

The dragon’s massive body radiated torrents of heat waves, seeping out from under its dragon scales.

The temperature of the surrounding air was raised by the changes in the materialistic dragon, and the exotic beasts hurriedly dispersed.

With a tremendous crash, the materialistic dragon collapsed on the ground, its mouth gaping and puffing out wafts of steaming air. Its breath was so hot that it withered the surrounding vegetation.

It shocked Ji Fengyan to the core.

Could it be she had done something wrong during her cultivation process? Looking at the wretched state of that materialistic dragon, Ji Fengyan rushed over to its side, after enhancing the vital energy in her body to protect against the heat emanating from the dragon.

The materialistic dragon had already lost consciousness. Its eyes had also turned a golden color from the blaze.

[Mini theatre]

The dark guard: My lord, why are you packing up.

Xing Lou: I am going to find my little fiancée.

The dark guard: …

Little crazy brat: Haha, come quickly.

Xing Lou: >.< Little fiancée~here I come~

Little crazy brat: Hahaha.

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