Chapter 1042 - Evolve, Materialistic Dragon (1)

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Chapter 1042: Evolve, Materialistic Dragon (1)

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Ji Fengyan held onto the burning heat wave and made her way to the materialistic dragon. When she came into contact with the materialistic dragon, a wave of golden flames was released immediately and violently. She blocked it using her vital energy as she gritted her teeth. The moment the golden vital energy clashed with the golden flames, they mixed like a small sun gathered in her palms.

The dragon transmitted the burning heat from the flames to Ji Fengyan’s palms, and she continued to use the vital energy in her body to balance it out so that she would not be burnt.

The materialistic dragon raised its head high up and a dragon roar came from its mouth. The sound led the other young ancient dragons at the side to follow suit and gave out an inexperienced dragon roar. The four dragon roars filled the air and caused the birds in the Forest of Freedom to fly into the air.

Ji Fengyan quickly transferred the vital energy in her inner core into the materialistic dragon’s body. Then, she discovered something shocking: Within the materialistic dragon’s body, there was an extremely potent energy flowing. That energy was very pure and fought with the curse in the dragon’s body. However, as the materialistic dragon could not control the movement of the energy, it caused the energy to go on a rampage in its body. Ji Fengyan quickly used her own vital energy to control the dragon’s energy.

As time passed, the golden flames surrounding the materialistic dragon also gradually stabilised and the burning heat emitted into the surroundings also lessened.

The rhinoceros beast that was standing at the side watched in shock at this sight. Its eyes could look through a living creature’s body and see the flame of one’s soul. Previously, the flame of the materialistic dragon’s soul was covered in a black fog because of the curse, but now a golden flame was led to swallow up the black fog.

This was truly too remarkable.

As the cursed black fog dissipated, the golden flames were also slowly entering the materialistic dragon’s body, leaving a layer of golden light around its body.

After some time, when all the golden flames around the materialistic dragon’s body vanished, its highly raised head slumped to the ground and it gave out burning breaths from its nose.

However, the movement of its body calmed down.

Ji Fengyan did not dare to withdraw its vital energy so immediately from the materialistic dragon’s body and used it to nourish the dragon’s body before slowly taking it back bit by bit.

The entire process was extremely slow, but Ji Fengyan was very careful to prevent harming the materialistic dragon.

When Ji Fengyan had finally withdrawn all her vital energy from the dragon’s body, she could finally take a step back. By then, her back was already soaked in sweat.

It was also at this moment that something even more surprising suddenly happened. Even though the scales of the dragon were golden, there was now a layer of glistening glow over it, just like the sun. Despite collapsing to the ground out of fatigue, it seemed much more majestic and domineering now.

This subtle and amazing change entered Ji Fengyan’s eyes and turned the worry she had into joy.

The sound asleep materialistic dragon was still not awake, but Ji Fengyan could feel that there was still some energy from the curse remaining in its body dissipating slowly.

The Dragon Soul Pill had taken its effect!

This awestruck sight was witnessed by all the rare creatures at the side. A pure and holy energy currently surrounded the materialistic dragon. This energy made the rare creatures beyond envy, and Mi, who was watching in the dark, was even more shocked by the materialistic dragon’s transformation. It was, however, difficult to tell what it was thinking.

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