Chapter 1074 - The Great Army Of The Kingdom Of The Sacred Dragon (2)

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Chapter 1074: The Great Army Of The Kingdom Of The Sacred Dragon (2)

As the Wolf Smoke Regiment were rolling up their sleeves for the impending major battle, a roguish figure suddenly scurried over from the troops behind and entered their ranks.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers all went on the alert on seeing that intruder. But after looking at his appearance, they suddenly laughed out loud.

“General Liu, why have you come again?” A Wolf Smoke Regiment soldier looked amusedly at the youth in heavy armour.

That youth held a sincere smile on his handsome face, completely unembarrassed at being caught. He laughed as he squeezed into the regiment on his horse.

“The bunch of guys behind are too pedantic. I prefer to be here with you all.” The Wolf Smoke Regiment was already used to an unabashed Liu Kai constantly seeking to hang out with them.

Liu Kai and Ji Fengyan were on rather good terms. He and his two companions also refused to accept news of the warrant for Ji Fengyan. He even gave up on his studies at the new capital institute and volunteered for the battlefield. It could be said that apart from Ji Fengyan and Qin Muyao, Liu Kai was the first Terminator from their batch to step into battle.

And the reason for his enlistment was very simple.

A student Terminator had no right to investigate major matters concerning the kingdom. Only after establishing oneself in the military and accumulating accolades, could he hold some weight in the nation.

Liu Kai enlisted just so he could investigate the truth behind Ji Fengyan’s case. He did not believe his best friend would betray the kingdom.

In some ways, Liu Kai and the Wolf Smoke Regiment had the same goal. That was why they got along so well.

“It’s a pity that the Qin Muyao fellow was not sent this time. If not, this battle would be even easier. I heard of the agreement between you guys and His Majesty. Don’t worry, I will help you,” Liu Kai said with a laugh.

He was after all the deputy general of a 20,000-powerful army. Although he had trained very hard, Liu Kai lacked the natural aptitude of Qin Muyao and Ji Fengyan, and could not be a general right from the start.

“Thank you.” Lu Shaoqing looked at Liu Kai in gratitude. They truly treasured Liu Kai’s goodwill towards Ji Fengyan.

“If I can be frank, it has so long since Fengyan got into trouble, but the Ji family has yet to make any move. I went over twice but was chased out by that lady Ji Linglong.” Liu Kai scratched his head. He had instantly sought out the Ji family, but they refused to raise the topic of Ji Fengyan’s matter. After learning that he came specially to inquire about Ji Fengyan, they had immediately chased him off.

Lu Shaoqing laughed. “The Ji family is just trying to protect their own reputation. After losing their Terminator, they have also lost their status among the noble families. They are already extremely grateful for the fact that His Majesty didn’t blame them.” Liu Kai pondered the matter, but failed to understand such a complicated issue. Hence, he didn’t continue this topic but spoke about the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

Liu Kai didn’t know anything about the Kingdom of Hua Xia, but had heard some stories about the time when it was the Free Valley.

“It was rumored that a bunch of savage criminals lived inside the Free Valley. The wanted criminals of every nation had all fled to that place to seek refuge. Who would have thought that such a bunch of evil-doers would suddenly establish a kingdom? Truly unexpected.” Liu Kai scratched his head.

Lu Shaoqing’s heart gave a sudden lurch. A vague feeling fleeted across his mind, too quickly for him to grasp its significance.

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