Chapter 1075 - The Great Army Of The Kingdom Of The Sacred Dragon (3)

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Chapter 1075: The Great Army Of The Kingdom Of The Sacred Dragon (3)

“Deputy General Liu, do you want to come with us when the battle starts?” A soldier chuckled.

Liu Kai glanced at the troop behind and twisted his lips in frustration.

“I want to, but I think that stingy fool would never let me. Let me tell you, you guys must be careful during the battle. I just feel that my troop is not very reliable. Why don’t you wait until the Blaze Army arrives before making your move? Anyway, you have worked with the Blaze Army before and are familiar with each other.” Liu Kai was a spacey guy, but after staying in the camp for a few months, even he could see that something was amiss.

So many troops had wanted a piece of the powerful Wolf Smoke Regiment, but failed. For some people, they would rather destroy something they could not have.

“Understood.” The Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers were no fools. On the way here, the other troops had been deliberately ostracizing them. However, the Wolf Smoke Regiment would gain a victory this time, no matter what.

Liu Kai and the Wolf Smoke Regiment chatted on for a while longer before the troop behind started shouting at him to go back. Liu Kai had no choice but to return to his own troop.

The huge military formation that comprised the Wolf Smoke Regiment numbered about 70,000 men formed by four troops. And this was only the vanguard army of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

There were still the main and rear formations.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army marched in haste over to the Free Valley and the hidden Thorn Birds clearly observed their congregation. News of this was instantly sent back to Hua Xia and Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan had instructed her Thorn Birds to take note of whether there was a Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon troop bearing flags with a wolf’s head emblem and wearing silver armour. The Thorn Birds quickly sent back news of this.

On receiving the news, Ji Fengyan’s face immediately darkened.

“What now?” Chi Tong immediately asked after noticing Ji Fengyan’s grim expression.

Ji Fengyan took a deep breath and surveyed the others in the grand hall.

“The Emperor really sent out the Wolf Smoke Regiment. And looking at the formation, the Wolf Smoke Regiment is most likely the vanguard force.”

Vanguards were the foremost team in a battle and a double-edged sword. While attacking an enemy, it would also be very difficult for them to retreat.

It was the most dangerous position.

“Damn it.” Ji Fengyan clenched her fists. She couldn’t wait to immediately kill that Emperor and chop his head off.

The Emperor was certainly cunning, using the Wolf Smoke Regiment to contain Ji Fengyan. At the same time, this was also a test for the Wolf Smoke Regiment. The Emperor wanted to see what the Wolf Smoke Regiment would choose when the time came.

“I think that the other troops with the Wolf Smoke Regiment are not the proper vanguard army. They are more like a bunch of supervisors. The moment they detect any signs of betrayal by the Wolf Smoke Regiment, they would annihilate them.” Chi Tong had a vast experience at war and could already see through the Emperor’s evil intentions by the vanguard formation.

If the Wolf Smoke Regiment treated Ji Fengyan as the enemy, the other troops would fight with them. On the other hand… if the Wolf Smoke Regiment was found to have shown any signs of mercy, the other Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon troops would immediately kill them all.

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