Chapter 1077 - Fire Of the Stars (2)

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Chapter 1077: Fire Of the Stars (2)

A few days later, Chi Tong and company wanted to seek Liu Huo to ask about his plans. However, they could not find him at all inside Heavenly Courts.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army had already set up base about three kilometers away from the Free Valley. The three major formations of the enormous army had already gathered together, totaling over 400,000 men. Even scarier was the fact that this was just part of the enormous army. At least 200,000 more soldiers were making their way to the base.

The commanders led by the Elders had already gathered and were sitting inside a tent. Apart from the 13 Elders, the current Blaze Army general, Hu Na, was also present.

Hu Na was a Terminator but was an unknown before taking over the Blaze Army. After the death of Yang Shun, the former general of the Blaze Army, the Emperor suddenly appointed Hu Na to take over. No one expected that the Emperor would hand the command of the kingdom’s second most powerful army to an unknown Terminator. There was intense speculation over this turn of events.

However, Hu Na’s prowess after taking over the Blaze Army had everyone dumbstruck.

Within a short time, Hu Na had led the Blaze Army to victory after victory while securing the borders of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. And each victory had been a total defeat of the enemy forces. Meanwhile, the Blaze Army troop had grown from the original 100,000 men to over 200,000. It was now almost comparable to the Green Nightmare Army.

Hu Na was a 27-year-old, plain-looking youth. Who could have known he held such formidable battle skills?

At this point, the 13 Elders looked at Hu Na. The true commander for this war was not them, but Hu Na.

“General Hu, what opinions do you have on this punitive expedition against the Kingdom of Hua Xia?” Elder Yue asked on behalf of the Elders.

Hu Na looked expressionlessly at the 13 Elders. Status-wise, the Elders far outranked Terminators. But there was not the slightest bit of caution or unease in Hu Na’s eyes.

“I don’t have any opinions on that. Whatever Hua Xia does is not important to us. Our true motive is to capture that traitor Ji Fengyan. Just follow the military plan and have the Wolf Smoke Regiment be the first attack wave.” Hua Xia took up his cup of tea and took a leisurely sip.

“Are we really letting the Wolf Smoke Regiment be the first wave of attack? But… the Wolf Smoke Regiment was formed by Ji Fengyan herself. They don’t even know that the Kingdom of Hua Xia was established by Ji Fengyan. It must be pointed out that… even after so long, the Wolf Smoke Regiment had steadfastly remained at the Moonset Valley. They only joined this battle because of His Majesty’s promise…” Elder Yue had his reservations against letting the Wolf Smoke Regiment lead the battlefront.

However, Hu Na put down his cup of tea and looked at the concerned Elder Yue.

“It is precisely because they were under Ji Fengyan that they must be at the forefront for this battle. I don’t wish to see anyone display any signs of betrayal during this war.”

Hu Na’s words stunned the Elders. His tone was calm and his face showed no expression. However, Elder Yue could clearly detect the murderous intention behind those words.

Right from the start, the vow made by the Emperor to the Wolf Smoke Regiment was just one big lie.

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