Chapter 1078 - Fire Of the Stars (3)

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Chapter 1078: Fire Of the Stars (3)

On one hand, the Emperor wished to make use of the relationship between the Wolf Smoke Regiment and Ji Fengyan, to make it difficult for her to attack. On the other hand, he was also testing the regiment’s “loyalty”. But the outcome for both would be the same.

As much as she couldn’t bear it, Ji Fengyan would have no choice but to fight the Wolf Smoke Regiment if they attacked her. With their small number of men, their chances of survival was probably very slim. But if the Wolf Smoke Regiment refused to battle Ji Fengyan, the Emperor would annihilate the entire regiment.

Right from when the Wolf Smoke Regiment rejected the advances of other troops and insisted on remaining at the Moonset Valley, the Emperor had treated them as a lost cause. From that moment on, the Wolf Smoke Regiment was on a one-way road to hell.

Emperors demanded total loyalty from their subjects. They had no use for an elite regiment loyal to a general instead.

The Elders completely understood the Emperor’s intentions, but they disagreed with him. However, they felt guilty that their complete defeat by Ji Fengyan resulted in the death of the Eldest Princess—which was why they had agreed to join this battle.

Hu Na appeared to notice the hesitation on the faces of the Elders. He raised his head and surveyed the 13 Elders. The corner of his lips curved up in a mocking smile.

That smirk offended the Elders.

“What are you smiling at?” Elder Yue frowned.

Hu Na waved his hand and smiled carelessly. “I had heard that the 13 great Elders held powerful skills and are highly respected. However, the subsequent turn of events had me somewhat surprised. Ji Fengyan defeated all 13 of you—don’t tell me that now even the mention of her name scares you?”

The faces of the Elders instantly went pale at Hu Na’s words.

Previously, the 13 Elders had been mobilized against Ji Fengyan, but had all lost to her. Although Ji Fengyan was indeed powerful and they accepted their defeat, it remained a stain upon their reputation.

And now, Hu Na had dared to bring up that matter—he had no regard for the Elders.

“General Hu, you have gone too far with your words.” Even the face of the good-tempered Elder Yue had darkened.

Hu Na shrugged. “Sorry, I spoke too fast. I hope you don’t take my words to heart. I just wish to complete this mission smoothly.”

Hu Na’s words were totally insincere. Elder Yue and company looked utterly grim. However, they didn’t wish to pick a fight with Hu Na right before the impending major battle. They had no choice but to contain their anger.

Just as the atmosphere within the tent reached a deadlock, a sudden noise sounded from outside.

“General Hu.”

Hu Na replied, “What’s the matter?”

“Grand Tutor has arrived outside the camp and is about to enter.”

“What?” Hu Na’s expression shifted. The 13 Elders also looked rather astounded.

Grand Tutor Xing Lou?

What was he doing here?

When the Emperor received news of Ji Fengyan, he had immediately summoned everyone to discuss the strategy against her. However, Grand Tutor Xing Lou was ill and unable to make it. He had not made an appearance since.

But now, Xing Lou had suddenly appeared?!

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