Chapter 1079 - The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (1)

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Chapter 1079: The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (1)

Doubts swirled around the heads of everyone in the tent. Xing Lou had special status and even the Emperor could not direct his actions. No one dared to express the slightest bit of suspicion or displeasure at his appearance.

Hu Na furrowed his brows slightly before relaxing them again.

“I will go welcome the Grand Tutor.” With that, he rose and exited the tent.

The Elders relaxed after Hu Na left. It must be said that Hu Na possessed a certain oppressive aura. Other Terminators would act respectfully towards them, but Hu Na showed the Elders not the least bit of regard.

The various armies within the enormous camp were amid preparations.

Hu Na walked through the camp towards the entrance.

Hu Na spied a tall, slender figure standing outside the camp. He took a deep breath and headed towards it.

“Hu Na greets Lord Grand Tutor. I didn’t know Lord Grand Tutor was coming and didn’t prepare a proper welcome. I hope you will forgive my oversight.” The proud Hu Na also had no choice but to humble himself and behave courteously towards Xing Lou.

Xing Lou surveyed Hu Na with a mild gaze before nodding.

Hu Na then welcomed Xing Lou into the camp, where the soldiers of the various troops were all astounded by the sight of Xing Lou. They never expected the reverent Grand Tutor to appear personally at the front lines. One by one, they straightened their spines and tried to put their best faces forward.

Hu Na walked beside Xing Lou, with his back slightly bent to show his respect. He led Xing Lou to the commander’s tent.

The Elders all stood up to greet Xing Lou the moment he entered. Even though they outranked Terminators. they still could not be compared to this handsome man before them.

“Lord Grand Tutor.”

Xing Lou nodded and sat down in the middle of the commander’s tent.

Hu Na had no choice but to stand passively to Xing Lou’s side. The difference in status was obvious.

Having been slighted by Hu Na earlier, the Elders were all secretly pleased by his current “compliant” manner. Nevertheless, their faces remained impassive.

“I heard that Lord Grand Tutor was unwell. Are you better now?” Master Yue smiled at Xing Lou respectfully.

Grand Tutor Xing Lou’s health had not been too good and spent many long months recuperating. He had been especially weak in recent years and had spent a substantial part of each year tending to his health. No one held the slightest doubt over Xing Lou’s earlier excuse of being in ill health.

Xing Lou raised his eyes and cast a disdainful glance across the group. He replied quietly, “I am better.”

“That’s good. Grand Tutor must take care of his health,” Master Yue said.

Hu Na was in deep thought as he watched Xing Lou’s profile. After a momentary pause, he asked, “Since Grand Tutor is unwell, you should be resting in the capital city. Why did you take the trouble to come all the way here?”

Hu Na spoke carefully but everyone could hear that he was actually questioning Xing Lou’s reason for appearing here.

Xing Lou remained expressionless, but replied in his usual bland manner. “The ruler of Hua Xia is a Terminator from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Since she is a Terminator, it naturally concerns me. Why? General Hu, do you feel that there is anything wrong with me being here?” With that, Xing Lou shifted his chilly gaze onto Hu Na.

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