Chapter 1080 - The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (2)

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Chapter 1080: The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (2)

It was just a casual glance but caused Hu Na’s heart to jump to his throat. He immediately fell on one knee and lowered his head. “I don’t dare to. I was just concerned about Grand Tutor’s health and asked too many questions. I hope Grand Tutor will forgive me.”

Xing Lou just calmly threw Hu Na another glance before looking away.

But Hu Na didn’t dare to get up, and could only obediently remain kneeling on the ground.

“How many soldiers did His Majesty deploy against the Kingdom of Hua Xia?” Xing Lou asked in a mild tone.

The congregation within the tent instantly understood the reason for Xing Lou’s visit. It was obvious Xing Lou was prepared to join this battle. Happiness blossomed on the faces of the Elders.

Although the Grand Tutor had never been in action, he was so formidable that the depths of his abilities were unfathomable even to these people at the top of their professions. If the immeasurably powerful Xing Lou was willing to capture Ji Fengyan, then overthrowing the Kingdom of Hua Xia would be a piece of cake.

At that, Master Yue spoke.

“His Majesty has mobilized nearly 800,000 soldiers, and deployed about 200 Terminators, as well as almost 10,000 top professionals. We also have 10 siege towers.”

The statistics listed by Master Yue were astonishing.

This military force could easily flatten the nearby Kingdom of Fu Xiang, not to mention a newly-established nation.

Who could have thought the Emperor would devote so much resources to the Kingdom of Hua Xia, which only held 20,000 citizens?

Xing Lou listened quietly with no change in expression. A flash of worry fleeted across his eyes but was quickly wiped off by him. He continued. “Is there a plan for attack?”

Master Yue revealed everything without reserve. He relayed the plans to let the Wolf Smoke Regiment lead the attack.

Hu Na wanted to stop Master Yue just as he started speaking, but failed to do so in time.

“The Wolf Smoke Regiment?” Xing Lou lifted his gaze.

Master Yue smiled. “This Wolf Smoke Regiment is that very regiment formerly led by Ji Fengyan. Although they hold little battle experience, they are rather skilled.”

Xing Lou nodded and said, “How many soldiers are in the Wolf Smoke Regiment?”

“About 7,000 to 8,000.”

Xing Lou frowned. Master Yue didn’t understand why he would react so, and his heart lurched.

“Not appropriate.” Xing Lou suddenly declared.

“Not appropriate?” Master Yue was somewhat astounded.

Xing Lou looked up at the group. “Ji Fengyan formed the Wolf Smoke Regiment and she will be all too familiar with their skills and strategies. It will be useless for them to lead the attack, and may even allow the Kingdom of Hua Xia to gain first advantage.”

Xing Lou’s statement stunned the Elders. But they quickly comprehended his reasoning.

Hu Na wanted to make use of Ji Fengyan to test the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s loyalty, but as Xing Lou pointed out, Ji Fengyan personally trained the Wolf Smoke Regiment—she knew better than anyone their strengths and weaknesses. Even if the Wolf Smoke Regiment was loyal to the Emperor, Ji Fengyan would completely outmatch them. In this battle, the most important thing would be to maintain the soldiers’ morale. If the Wolf Smoke Regiment was defeated, the morale of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army would suffer a major hit.

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