Chapter 1082 - The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (4)

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Chapter 1082: The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (4)

Xing Lou said nothing more.

But his statements had reversed the thinking of the group.

The murder of Ji Qiu by Ji Fengyan was a fact, just as it was also true he was her uncle. But what outsiders didn’t know was the deep-seated grudge lodged between those two. They also didn’t know that Ji Fengyan killed Ji Qiu to protect the rest of the Ji family.

Nevertheless, this was no longer important as Xing Lou had already achieved his goal.

“Apart from the Wolf Smoke Regiment, we should bar anyone who had contact with Ji Fengyan from the battle.” Xing Lou continued after swaying the group.

Without realizing it at all, Hu Na was completely taken in by Xing Lou. He had initially planned to deploy all those who had a prior relationship with Ji Fengyan into this battle, so as to restrain her attacks. But now that he realized that Ji Fengyan was a “heartless” person, he gave up that plan.

Otherwise, if Ji Fengyan was not at all restrained during the battle, and the loyalties of the Wolf Smoke Regiment became confused by the sight of her—it would affect the other troops. So they had poured so many resources into this battle that it would not be worth the risk.

Hu Na immediately revamped his earlier strategy.

The Elders all secretly heaved a sigh of relief. They didn’t wish to make use of too many devious tricks. To them, this battle already felt like a giant bullying a child.

Thereafter, Hu Na laid out his new strategy. Xing Lou listened quietly and offered no more suggestions. The alternative battle plans were eventually finalized by evening time, and Xing Lou got up to retire back to the tent prepared for him by Hu Na.

Hu Na immediately stood up to personally escort Xing Lou.

When the two of them exited the tent and were alone, Hu Na’s expression shifted and he performed a strange ritualistic act towards Xing Lou.

A sinister glint flashed across Xing Lou’s eyes, but was quickly wiped off.

“Lord Xing Lou, previously at the Divine Temple, I had heard Lord Xing Hun mention you.” Hu Na looked at Xing Lou. He was actually speaking of that mythical Divine Temple!

Xing Lou paused but remained expressionless. He turned to face Hu Na.

Hu Na was a Terminator who suddenly appeared in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon half a year ago, to take on the important role of general of the Blaze Army. He had been personally appointed by the Emperor. No one knew about his history or family. They only knew the Emperor trusted him fully.

Xing Lou had never met Hu Na before and didn’t take much notice of him. But now he knew.

“Right before coming to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, Lord Xing Hun wanted me to help him pass on his regards to you. However, you have been ill all this while and I have had no chance to deliver his message. I hope you will forgive me.” Hu Na looked respectfully at Xing Lou. His expression was different from his earlier manner in the tent.

“I got it,” Xing Lou replied mildly.

Hu Na continued. “Lord Xing Hun wanted me to ask you, whether you miss the Divine Temple? If you are tired of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, he can send over another person to take over anytime. You can then return to the Divine Temple to recuperate.”

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