Chapter 1083 - The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (5)

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Chapter 1083: The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (5)

Xing Lou’s eyes flashed. But he clenched his hands, which hid in his sleeves, to control the surge of emotions rising in his heart.

“I will consider this matter.”

Hu Na knew his message had been received and took his leave. However, he appeared to think of something again and paused. He said with a light voice, “Lord Xing Lou, it appears that the Emperor might be unhappy with you.”

“Oh?” Xing Lou raised his brows as a chilly glint flashed across his eyes.

Hu Na continued. “Previously, although the Emperor had someone deliver the news of the matter regarding the Kingdom of Hua Xia to you, he didn’t continue to update you on it. As much as he tried to it, I could see the Emperor is somewhat wary of you.”

Xing Lou narrowed his eyes, realization dawning upon his mind.

The fact that the Emperor could remain on his throne for so long showed that he was no fool. Xing Lou had stood up for Ji Fengyan multiple times before. Although he had an excellent reason for each incident, anyone would be suspicious when they looked at things on the whole. Even more significant was the time when Xing Lou had stopped the Emperor from mobilizing the Terminators during his prior attempt to capture Ji Fengyan. It was this very action which had caused the Emperor to raise his guard against Xing Lou.

Although the Emperor would never dare to fall out with Xing Lou publicly, he had already started hiding from Xing Lou on all matters that concerned Ji Fengyan.

The Emperor was probably gladder than anyone that Xing Lou didn’t turn up because of his ill health.

“I got it,” Xing Lou replied mildly after a brief pondering.

“I am glad Lord Xing Lou knows now. If you are in any way displeased with the Emperor, just report it to Lord Xing Hun. I am sure the Divine Temple would…”

Xing Lou raised his hand to interrupt Hu Na.

“Hu Na.”

“Yes, my lord.” Hu Na was slightly taken aback.

“Are you Xing Hun’s subordinate?” Xing Lou suddenly asked.

Hu Na gave a slight start before smiling. “Yes, all my abilities were bestowed upon me by Lord Xing Hun.”

Xing Lou narrowed his eyes and surveyed Hu Na with a vague gaze. He noticed that Hu Na did not have the typical Terminator’s necklace on his neck. Instead, he wore a slender silver chain from which the mark of World-Termination-Armour dangled from. But this mark was different from the usual one. The World-Termination-Armour mark was usually a dark silver color, while Hu Na’s was dark gold. The aura emitted by it was also far above that of a typical Terminator.

Hu Na seemed to have felt Xing Lou’s scrutiny and lifted that World-Termination-Armour mark hanging around his neck.

“Don’t worry, Lord Xing Lou. I will well use this power. I will not let Lord Xing Hun down.”

Xing Lou didn’t say another word but just looked away and entered his own tent. Hu Na also turned around to leave after watching Xing Lou go in. And right after he turned, Hu Na once again adopted his usual arrogant expression, totally discarding his previously respectful manner.

Only Xing Lou was left in that empty tent. He sat alone, frowning deeply.

He made tight fists of his hands, his typically calm eyes displaying an unprecedented sense of struggle and pain.

“Divine Temple…”

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