Chapter 1084 - The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (6)

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Chapter 1084: The Grand Tutor Makes His Move (6)

A black figure appeared beside Xing Lou.

“My lord…” The dark guard looked at Xing Lou with a complicated expression, as frustration flashed in his eyes.

“You have planned for so long, isn’t it so you can enter the Divine Temple? Now… your opportunity has finally arrived?” The dark guard had been secretly watching over Xing Lou and overheard the entire conversation with Hu Na.

No one was more aware than the dark guard what Xing Lou’s intentions were.

Which was why he was so surprised by Xing Lou’s apparent dilemma.

“Yes… I have waited for so long…” A heart-wrenching smile played upon Xing Lou’s lips, while his eyes exhibited not the slightest bit of joy.

The dark guard fell silent. Looking at Xing Lou’s expression, realization suddenly dawned upon him.

“Is it because of Miss Ji?” The dark guard couldn’t help asking.

On hearing the words “Miss Ji”, Xing Lou’s face stiffened.


Xing Lou narrowed his eyes as he smiled bitterly.

As the dark guard looked at Xing Lou, he felt his heart contract violently. Nonetheless, he remained silent.

Xing Lou kept quiet for a long while before speaking again. “Head over to the Free Valley and tell Fengyan of Hu Na’s plan so that she no longer has to worry. The Wolf Smoke Regiment… and her former companion, they will all not appear on the battlefield.”

The dark guard looked like he wanted to say something, but in the end he kept his mouth shut and bowed to Xing Lou before leaving.

Inside the Free Valley, Ji Fengyan was pacing about the bedroom. She could not shake off a sense of foreboding.

At this moment, a gust of air wafted in and Ji Fengyan instinctively opened her door.

The dark guard was standing right there.

His sudden appearance startled Ji Fengyan, but then she gave a helpless smile.

Xing Lou was Liu Huo and vice versa. The dark guard’s appearance meant that Liu Huo already had some news for her.

“My lord wanted me to tell you that you do not need to worry. He has already accomplished what he promised to do. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army will launch its first attack against the Free Valley in three days’ time. The commander of this force is quite powerful, please be careful.” The dark guard looked expressionlessly at Ji Fengyan. He delivered Xing Lou’s message word for word.

“What about him?” Ji Fengyan asked.

Ji Fengyan knew that Liu Huo would fulfill his promise.

In his other identity, he was high-ranking enough to change anything he wanted regarding the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

But now…

Ji Fengyan just wanted to know. What about him?

The dark guard didn’t expect Ji Fengyan to ask this and was stunned for a moment. He finally replied, “My lord temporarily cannot return.”

A sense of loneliness which even she didn’t realize she was harboring flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes. She then smiled and raised her eyebrows. “I got it.”

Having completed his mission, the dark guard retreated.

And Ji Fengyan sank into deep thought.

Ji Fengyan had been mulling over the issue between Liu Huo and her when he first left. She simply could not understand why he was so unwilling to reveal everything to her. Nevertheless, his actions proved her earlier conjectures.

Is it because of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?

Ji Fengyan could not be sure, but she was very clear that this was not the time to worry about this matter. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon army would be attacking the Free Valley in three days’ time. It will be a bitter war for the Kingdom of Hua Xia then!

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