Chapter 1086 - Crusade (2)

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Chapter 1086: Crusade (2)

Master Yue and Hu Na rode together. Their gaze fell on the entrance of the Free Valley, and their expressions grew a trifle more wary.

“General Hu, there doesn’t seem to be any movement from the Kingdom of Hua Xia.”

Hu Na raised his brows slightly, and his lips curved in amusement.

“Master Yue, you fought Ji Fengyan previously. What would you say Ji Fengyan is like?”

Master Yue gave a slight start, and his searching gaze that fell on Hu Na showed a trace of displeasure. However, right now, he could not take these matters to heart. He gravely said, “Although Ji Fengyan is young, but she is no ordinary girl. She is very powerful, and very intelligent. She is a genius who knows how to hold the ace in her hand.”

Having lost to Ji Fengyan, Master Yue had no choice but to admit to Ji Fengyan’s ability.

Hu Na did not express his opinion. He only turned his gaze towards the empty Free Valley.

“Our troops reached the vicinity of the Free Valley a few days ago. Even the bounty hunters outside the valley caught wind of it and scattered. However, the interior of the Free Valley does not seem to have realized this. To date, our army has already reached the entrance of the Free Valley, but the Kingdom of Hua Xia has shown no signs of defending itself. Master Yue, do you think these circumstances are normal?” Hu Na asked smilingly.

Master Yue wrinkled his brow slightly. He had a vague feeling the Free Valley was not as simple as it appeared to be on the surface.

“General Hu means?”

Hu Na smiled, but did not answer Master Yue’s question directly. He waved his hand and a soldier briskly ran over to his horse. Hu Na said a few words in the soldier’s ear. Master Yue could not hear what he was saying, but after he had finished speaking, the soldier ran swiftly to the forefront of the troop.

In a moment, the ten over riders in the vanguard dismounted from their war horses. The riderless war horses suddenly started walking forward.

Hu Na rubbed his chin. As he looked at the war horses that were slowly walking away from the troop, his lips curved in amusement.

“Before the battle began, I received a piece of interesting information.”

“What?” asked Master Yue.

Hu Na smiled and said, “Before the news of Ji Fengyan reached the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had also fought twice with the Kingdom of Hua Xia and was completely routed on both occasions. Further, in both battles, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang did not manage to kill a single person from the Kingdom of Hua Xia. The results of these battles were truly unexpected. The Kingdom of Fu Xiang knew that they could not beat the Kingdom of Hua Xia. Coincidentally, after they lost the battle, news that Ji Fengyan was in the Free Valley reached the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Master Yue, do you think that… this is a coincidence?”

It stunned master Yue.

Hu Na continued. “The Kingdom of Fu Xiang wishes to use us to kill them. This move is really too shallow, but… the course of their two battles with the Kingdom of Hua Xia may be of some help to us.”

As Hu Na and Master Yue were talking, many sharp noises rang out from the front of the troop. Ten over whips swiftly fell on the ten over war horses that had been chosen. Stung, the horses immediately extended their stride and galloped wildly towards the empty Free Valley!

The ten over war horses galloped rapidly, their strong hooves churning up the dust. They charged rapidly towards the entrance of the Free Valley.

Just as they stepped into the entrance of the Free Valley, the ground in contact with their hooves immediately exploded.

The underground trap was instantly activated. Ten over explosions immediately shattered everyone’s ear drums!

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