Chapter 1091 - The Might of The Giant Soldier Gods (1)

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Chapter 1091: The Might of The Giant Soldier Gods (1)

“Giant soldier gods? What are those?” Hu Na stared at the twelve gigantic creatures with confused looks.

Obviously, Master Yue had not expected that Hu Na would not recognise the giant soldier gods and was instantly stunned for a while. Then, he said, “Those are the giant soldier gods, the powerful battling weapons that the ancient clans had left behind.”

“I have never seen them before.” Hu Na frowned slightly. Within seconds, the twelve giant soldier gods had already blocked the armies charging at the forefront, as though they had built a tall and impassable wall in front of Chi Tong and the rest. Such powerful capabilities had taken Hu Na by surprise.

Master Yue said, “It’s normal for General Yue to not have seen this before. Not only you, even I have never seen the real giant soldier gods and had merely seen them from the illustrations. These giant soldier gods only exist in the Free Valley. The Free Valley was once the home of the ancient clans and even their battle array used to protect the Free Valley came from them. It was rumoured that the giant soldier gods was a battling weapon that could defy the heavens. One giant soldier god can fight against ten thousands of soldiers and their defensive powers were so strong that not only swordsmen and riders, even the magical powers of the sorcery tutors could not harm them at all.”

Hu Na felt his heart thump. He had never imagined that the giant soldier gods would have such an impressive background.

Master Yue’s expression became unpleasant. “I have never imagined the Kingdom of Hua Xia to have the ability to activate the giant soldier gods. It has to be known that the sacrifice required to activate one giant soldier god was already so great that over hundreds of powerful sorcerers had to use all their powers before they could make the giant soldier gods move for a short while…”

Everything that they had seen had far exceeded their expectations. Previously, because they had control over 80 thousands of soldiers and around 10 thousand powerful fighters from different occupations, they had not worried about this battle. Even though they considered Ji Fengyan’s strange tactics and strong capabilities, winning was still an easy feat to them.

But now, Master Yue did not dare to be this obstinate.

The giant soldier gods that many kingdoms had tried hard to get and failed to do so were all activated by the Kingdom of Hua Xia. What frightened them more was that all twelve of them were activated!

The appearance of the twelve giant soldier gods instantly made up for the difference in military powers between both parties.

Unless the energy of the twelve giant soldier gods were depleted, or they were defeated, otherwise the army of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon could not proceed any further!

At this point, Master Yue finally understood why the Kingdom of Hua Xia did not put up any defense previously and why the devil-masked men dared to fight with only three thousand people.

As it turned out…

Hua Xia had already grasped control over the power that could turn their situation around!

All these were discovered too late by the army of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

The size and impeccable defense of the giant soldier gods were definitely a nightmare for any army. The tragedy of all other countries in failing to possess the giant soldier gods had turned into naught in Hua Xia.

The gathering of the army of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had given the giant soldier gods the perfect chance to attack. As they casually lifted their enormous feet, tens of soldiers were already crushed to meat pulp. When the soldiers of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon realised that the situation was unfavourable for them and wanted to change directions, all was too late. Besides the riders on their horses, the swordsmen could not outrun the giant soldier gods at all using just their legs. They could only make a futile attempt to run as fast as they could, but the next instant, they would be crushed under the shadows of the footsteps!

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