Chapter 1123 - The First Score (2)

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Chapter 1123: The First Score (2)

Inside the Free Valley, the Wolf Smoke Regiment had followed Gong Zhiyu to Heavenly Courts, where everything had surpassed way beyond their knowledge of the place. Looking at that ancient city full of peace and prosperity, they could not imagine this used to be a playground for evil criminals.

Gong Zhiyu had arranged for their accommodations. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Courts citizens expressed curiosity over this fresh batch of members.

As far as they knew, this group was their queen’s former military troop. They crowded around the Wolf Smoke Regiment and welcomed them enthusiastically. Still in shock, all that attention befuddled the soldiers.

“My friend, tell me if you find anything not to your liking. I live in that building just over there.”

“Come come, our friends from afar. Here are some Hua Xia jade coins for you. Take these now, and just let us know if you need more.”

The friendly faces crowded around Lu Shaoqing and the gang, giving them a right shock.

They could not reconcile these people with the image of wanted criminals.

Gong Zhiyu stood silently at the side. He breathed a sigh of relief at the enthusiasm displayed by the Heavenly Courts citizens. After leading the group to their accommodations, Gong Zhiyu immediately arranged for his men to prepare food and clothing for the Wolf Smoke Regiment. As per Ji Fengyan’s instructions, he also distributed a fixed sum of jade coins to each soldier, and had a Blood Tribe member bring them on a tour of the city.

Before he left, Lu Shaoqing hurried forward.

“Young Master Gong.”

Gong Zhiyu paused and turned to look at Lu Shaoqing.

Lu Shaoqing held a complex expression. “Please help us convey our gratitude to General.”

Gong Zhiyu chuckled and nodded.

While the Wolf Smoke Regiment settled down, Ji Fengyan was riding the ancient dragon back to Heavenly Courts.

Gong Zhiyu, Chi Tong and Meng Fusheng had already been waiting in the grand hall for some time. They immediately went forward to welcome Ji Fengyan on her return.

“Our Queen, how are you going to handle those 500,000 Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon soldiers?” Meng Fusheng asked in high spirits. He had not been able to participate in this war, but he completely enjoyed Duanmu Hongru’s narration of the events.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was so powerful that the Blood Tribe had never dared to cross them. However, Ji Fengyan easily defeated their massive army. Her formidable power was mind-blowing.

Chi Tong also shared Meng Fusheng’s query. Before the battle started, Ji Fengyan had only said that she wanted to imprison the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon men, but did not explain why.

Even though the Wolf Smoke Regiment had switched their loyalties to Hua Xia, their families in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon remained in danger. The soldiers could not rest easy until they transferred their families to Hua Xia.

Ji Fengyan grinned at the group and just waved casually.

“I have my own plans for them, you guys need not worry. Not only do I want to safely transfer the families of the Wolf Smoke Regiment to Hua Xia, I want the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon to have their men personally escort them here.”

Ji Fengyan’s statement stunned everyone.

Personally escort?

Was she joking?

The Emperor would probably instantly order for the families of the Wolf Smoke Regiment to be killed the minute he received news about their change in loyalties.

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