Chapter 1124 - The First Score (3)

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Chapter 1124: The First Score (3)

Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan didn’t intend to explain herself. She just instructed to have them develop a territory near Heavenly Courts as soon as possible, to welcome more citizens.

The group was confused, but they held utmost faith in Ji Fengyan and started getting busy.

Ji Fengyan calmed her heart down and wrote something on a piece of paper. She then folded it into a crane and infused it with a breath of vital energy. As if it had come alive, that paper crane drifted slowly out of Heavenly Courts.

Inside the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon palace.

The Emperor sat within the grand hall, a group of generals and officials lined up before him.

At this point, the Emperor’s face was grim. He surveyed the crowd in front of him, but every single person could only lower their head in silence at his gaze.

“Any news from the battlefront?” The Emperor suddenly asked.

A general spoke up in a trembling voice. “The latest news was sent two days ago. According to General Hu, they were already prepared to launch the attack at Hua Xia.”

The Emperor continued to look stern.

“And there has been no news after that?”


The Emperor frowned gravely.

At this point, the officials were all extremely anxious. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had dispatched such a massive military force and it should be effortless for them to take down the newly established Hua Xia. But since Hu Na led his army out, the Emperor had been restless and edgy, infecting his officials with a similar apprehension.

In reality, the group all felt the Emperor was being overly nervous.

A 800,000-powerful army plus so many Terminators—even if Ji Fengyan had three heads and six limbs, it was a sure-win for them. But no one dared to say this out loud. Everyone knew that Ji Fengyan had become a thorn in the Emperor’s side since she murdered the Eldest Princess. He was more than willing to mobilize such a major military force just to annihilate Ji Fengyan—it was obvious just how much he hated Ji Fengyan.

“Your Majesty, please don’t worry. Since General Hu took up his rank, he had never lost a single battle. I believe that he will kill that traitor and come back victorious again this time.” An official stepped forward.

The Emperor nodded. When he had activated that 800,000-powerful army, he had been determined to exterminate Ji Fengyan. But somehow, he had been feeling uneasy the past few days. He just felt that things would not turn out as smoothly.

“And how is the situation with the Wolf Smoke Regiment?” The Emperor suddenly asked.

“Your Majesty, please be assured. We have captured their families. The minute General Hu passes word, we will action immediately. But come to think of it, even if the Wolf Smoke Regiment decides to defect, it will not result in any major impact to the outcome. After all, they are a rather small regiment.” A general spoke up.

Before the army set off, the Emperor had been tight-lipped about the targets of his punitive crusade. He had just instructed his men to secretly investigate every member of the Wolf Smoke Regiment and round up their family members.

His officials could already guess what he was up to by this action.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment had not been established for long and had made positive military contributions. The only thing that the Emperor could have against them was their link with their former general Ji Fengyan.

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