Chapter 1125 - The Second Score (1)

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Chapter 1125: The Second Score (1)

Making such a move against the Wolf Smoke Regiment, and just before the big war…

Several people could already guess the Emperor’s motive, but they wisely kept their mouths shut.

On the very day the Wolf Smoke Regiment set off for the battle, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon soldiers had already captured their families. They were currently being imprisoned in a camp within the kingdom.

The moment the Wolf Smoke Regiment displayed any signs of deviancy, every single one of their family members would be killed.

The Emperor felt slightly better after hearing that answer. His foremost goal was not to use the family members to restrain the Wolf Smoke Regiment, but to use them as blackmail. He wanted Ji Fengyan to know what was it like to have her own people turn into her enemies.

On one side was Ji Fengyan, while on the other were their own families. The Emperor wanted to force the Wolf Smoke Regiment and Ji Fengyan to be at each other’s throats.

He wanted Ji Fengyan to have a taste of what it was like being slaughtered by a troop which she had personally established.

“Keep a close watch on them.” The Emperor ordered.


Just as the Emperor laid this worry to rest, a small white speck flew into the grand hall.

At first, no one noticed that tiny white speck at all. But it drifted into the center of the hall and flew straight towards the Emperor.

The Emperor was slightly startled when he noticed the white speck. Focusing on it, he realized it was a paper crane which appeared to be flying towards him even though there was no external force propelling it. With a start, he jumped up from his seat. A nearby guard noticed the Emperor’s reaction and instantly charged forward, piercing that strange paper crane with the tip of his sword!

The paper crane was cut in half and fell down to the floor about three meters away from the Emperor. The Emperor narrowed his eyes.

“Look at what it is.”

The guard immediately went forward and quickly unfolded the paper crane.

After unfolding the crane, the guard realized it was filled with a graceful handwriting and pieced both sides of the paper together. He broke out in cold sweat after scanning the words.

“Let me see it!” The Emperor immediately commanded. He could feel something was not quite right.

The guard delivered the paper to the Emperor, while the surrounding officials were all stretching their necks to see what was written on that strange paper crane.

The Emperor took the paper crane and quickly scanned the writing on it. He instantly turned a ghastly pale and sat down stiffly on his throne. Shock was written all over his face.

The Emperor’s reaction startled the officials. A sense of foreboding rose in their hearts.

“Your Majesty?”

The Emperor stared at the note in his hand as his shoulders shook uncontrollably. His eyes were full of horror.

“Bastards! A bunch of worthless scum!” The Emperor threw the paper on the floor in a fit of rage. His face was red with fury.

“You all look. Just look. What a disgrace this is. This what you claim to be a sure-win?! All useless trash!” The Emperor admonished as he pointed at the note on the floor. He was quivering with anger.

The officials hurried forward in a panic to pick up the paper. They were all stunned by what they read.

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