Chapter 1126 - The Second Score (2)

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Chapter 1126: The Second Score (2)

Ji Fengyan had written that note. But the genuine shocker was its content.

“Ji Fengyan actually overthrew an 800,000-powerful army! Not counting the 300,000 soldiers lost, she is holding 500,000 men hostage! This is the army of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?! What useless garbage have I been taking care of all these years!” The Emperor was completely enraged. Ji Fengyan’s note had scornfully detailed the entire battle scenario. She had also informed the Emperor that she still had 500,000 of his men in her hands, including the over 200 Terminators and all the Elders. They had all become her hostages.

Ji Fengyan wanted to make an exchange with the Emperor with those 500,000 men.

To exchange for all the family members of the Wolf Smoke Regiment still inside the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. For every single missing person, she would kill five of her hostages, starting from the Terminators!

It could be imagined just how angry the Emperor was on receiving such news.

A 800,000-powerful army, two hundred Terminators, a group of the nation’s top practitioners, as well as ten siege towers. None of them brought victory to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, but ended up as bargaining chips in Ji Fengyan’s hands!

This was a result that the Emperor dared not even imagine.

The officials were thunderstruck by the note.

They could not imagine just how Ji Fengyan imprisoned 500,000 Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon soldiers as hostages. Not to mention how did they lose 300,000 of their men to her?

In the entire history of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, when had it suffered such a terrible battle outcome?

They had never been reduced to such a state, even when facing demon attacks.

“Your… your majesty… could this be a diversion trick by Ji Fengyan? I feel that… a massive army led by General Hu could not have been so easily defeated by Ji Fengyan.” An official spoke up nervously. He was not trying to find an excuse, but just couldn’t comprehend this news.

An 800,000-strong army outmatched by one Ji Fengyan? They would be a laughingstock to anyone who heard the news.

All the officials agreed that this news must be fake.

The Emperor regained his composure and suppressed the rage in his heart. He narrowed his eyes. “Send a message to the battlefront and sort this out! And you! Maintain a close guard on the families of the Wolf Smoke Regiment. Do not let any one of them escape.”

Trembling, the officials acknowledged their orders. They immediately set forth to uncover the truth behind the situation.

However, before they investigated fully, a few dozen horse carriages suddenly parked outside the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

And the horse carriages all contained military dog tags belonging to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon!

The horse carriages were filled to the brim with the tags. After a tedious count, it was revealed up there were up to 300,000 of them!

The Emperor was utterly shocked this time.

Any doubt he held pertaining to Ji Fengyan’s note was now completely dispelled by those bloodstained military tags.

They also found another note by Ji Fengyan within the horse carriages.

Its content was simple.

“If we don’t see anyone within a month, I will send you the first batch of Terminator heads.”

This statement left the Emperor in a daze.

Ji Fengyan was clearly forcing the Emperor to submit!

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