Chapter 1127 - The Second Score (3)

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Chapter 1127: The Second Score (3)

Terminators were extremely valuable to any nation. They were the primary defense against demons, and even the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon could not bear the loss of 200 Terminators.

The Emperor had dispatched 200 Terminators to deal with Ji Fengyan, but it was because he never expected them to end up being bargaining chips in her hands.

The Emperor was awash with regret at this point.

As painful as it would be to lose an 800,000-powerful army, he might still have sacrificed the lives of those ordinary soldiers for the sake of the kingdom’s reputation.

But now… he dared not make such a sacrifice.

Losing 200 Terminators was enough to give the Emperor a headache. Heaven knew that the mobilization of those 200 Terminators for the battle had already caused immense pressure for the borders of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. If those Terminators did not return, the number of deaths would definitely escalate when the demons attacked their borders.

Even worse was the capture of those Elders. They were the top practitioners of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, and it would be an incomparable loss to the Emperor if they all died in the Free Valley.

When the Emperor dispatched this major military force to deal with Ji Fengyan, little did he know that he was just handing her additional bargaining chips.

Filled with rage and unease, the Emperor immediately summoned his officials to discuss the situation. Did anyone have any idea how to get out of this mess?

Even Hu Na and the Elders had all become Ji Fengyan’s hostages. In the entire Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, the only troop left that could be mobilized was Qin Muyao’s Green Nightmare Army. However, the Green Nightmare Army was amid defending against a demon attack. How to transfer them over?

Moreover, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon would truly be finished if even the Green Nightmare Army ended up in Ji Fengyan’s hands.

One wrong move led to several more wrong moves.

Most distressing to the Emperor was why he had insisted on eradicating Ji Fengyan in the first place.

If he hadn’t made such an erroneous decision, Ji Fengyan would still have been a general of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. With her mighty abilities holding their borders secure, what else would the kingdom be afraid of? Their rise to greater power would just be a matter of time.

But because of the Emperor’s wrong decision right at the start, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had lost a great general and made a formidable enemy.

Helplessly, the Emperor could only grit his teeth and agree to Ji Fengyan’s terms of exchange. He controlled his anger and commanded a team of guards to personally escort the imprisoned families to the Free Valley. He also gave strict orders not to let any of those prisoners come to harm. They were to be treated well.

After all, every single one of them was equal to the life of five Terminators.

Although he had made his decision, the Emperor was still fuming. Not only did he fail to achieve his goal, he also suffered astronomical losses. The thought of this made him so angry he could barely get out of bed.

Even worse was the fact that news of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s failure had spread like wildfire. The neighboring nations all knew of how the kingdom failed in its crusade against Hua Xia, had its army captured as hostages, and now had to personally escort their prisoners over. The kingdom had turned into a public laughingstock.

Further, a number of spies planted within the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon were preparing to attack the families being transported to the Free Valley. They were planning to cause irreparable damage to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

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