Chapter 1128 - The Second Score (4)

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Chapter 1128: The Second Score (4)

The other nations wanted to take advantage of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s plight. Dismayed, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had no choice but to deploy a major troop numbering a few hundred thousand just to escort the families to the Free Valley.

At this point, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had already dispatched nearly one million soldiers, greatly diminishing their defenses. Under the increasingly intense demon’s attacks, the borders were all under peril.

They were suffering immense losses.

Within a few days, the Emperor was totally exhausted and laid sickly in bed, unable to get up.

Before the month was up, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had already delivered the families to the Free Valley. The Blood Tribe members brought the family members into the valley and had the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers check that their families were all unharmed.


It would not be such a simple matter to release those hostages imprisoned by Ji Fengyan within the territory.

First, Ji Fengyan only released the Elders and had the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon soldiers escort them back. As for the others, Ji Fengyan would release them as and when she felt like it. Such an arrangement… the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had no choice but to accept. They did not dare to press Ji Fengyan.

Those Elders were in a wretched state when they were finally released. Although Ji Fengyan had prepared food and water for the hostages, there were 500,000 soldiers imprisoned and not much shelter in the area. They had no choice but to camp out in the open. The barrier cut off their escape route but offered no protection from the elements.

After a month exposed to rain and shine, the formerly stately looking Elders had all become scruffy and disheveled. They had also become very skinny and bore a sour body odor.

It could be said that Ji Fengyan was being “kind” in allowing those aged Elders to be released first. If they had to stay imprisoned any longer, they would probably die.

When the Elders returned to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, the Emperor crawled up feebly from his bed to question them about the Free Valley situation.

In the end…

After suffering two consecutive defeats in the hands of Ji Fengyan, Master Yue and the rest were utterly terrified. Before the Emperor could try to placate them, they all resigned from the responsibility of being an Elder. One by one, they all retired to the forest and kept away from all matters of the outside world.

They never wanted to fight someone like Ji Fengyan ever again.

The Emperor felt like he had been dealt a heavy blow. He had gotten back those Elders after much effort, only to have them all resign without giving him any chance to persuade them to stay on.

After another half a month, about 50,000 ordinary soldiers were released from the Free Valley. All of them looked sickly thin on their return. Not one of the much-cherished Terminators was among them.

Who knew when Ji Fengyan would finally release those Terminators.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was enduring heavy losses from the demon attacks. In addition, the neighboring countries were all taking advantage of the situation to overtake the position of the once-powerful Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Having suffered blow after blow, the Emperor felt like his heart had been carved out. His body grew weaker by the day and he had passed on most of the nation’s matters to the crown prince, with intentions to retire.

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