Chapter 1129 - The Second Score (5)

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Chapter 1129: The Second Score (5)

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was suffering the consequences of its own evil actions. There was no need for Ji Fengyan to do anything—they were already being beaten down by demons and their neighboring countries. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon no longer had the energy to continue its struggle against Hua Xia.

Meanwhile, Hua Xia had gained a formidable reputation in war because of its defeat of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Many nations now knew of this brand new country and were all fearful of it. Some smaller nations had wisely made the first move to reach out an olive branch to Hua Xia. They sent over quite a stash of treasures as a sign of their good faith.

The families of the Wolf Smoke Regiment transported over to the Kingdom of Hua Xia numbered in the tens of thousands, and they too triggered a fresh development to Hua Xia.

It should be pointed out that although Hua Xia was powerful, there was one point which made Ji Fengyan’s heart ache.

Most of the people in the Free Valley were men. There were only a handful of women there. Even with the addition of the Wolf Smoke Regiment, it made the regiment up solely of full-grown males.

Only after the transfer of their families into the Free Valley, did the Kingdom of Hua Xia finally have a decent number of females.

At this…

The Hua Xia men were excited.

Those normal families realized nothing. Nevertheless, the ladies suddenly felt as if they were celebrities. Regardless of their appearance, each of them would have a gaggle of admirers following them around.

The status of the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers within the Hua Xia community also rose just because of their sisters. As a result, they enjoyed a surging wave of hospitality from the citizens…

Ji Fengyan couldn’t be happier at this development. Due to Hua Xia’s current reputation, many others with nowhere to call home came seeking refuge, leading to an exponential increase to the population of the kingdom.

The nearby Kingdom of Fu Xiang also underwent a major change. The Fu Xiang Emperor had stepped down while Mai Ya’s criminal charges had been cleared. Within a short while, Mai Ya had ascended the throne and became the second queen, after Ji Fengyan.

The hostages imprisoned within the Free Valley were released batch by batch, with the Terminators as the last group.


The time came when everyone could finally go through the barrier, all except Hu Na. Eyes dazed with shock and panic, Hu Na watched the departing profiles of the other Terminators, until he was the only left in that desolated territory.

“Ji Fengyan! Let me out!” Hu Na’s heart stirred with unease. He hollered frenziedly at Ji Fengyan standing right outside.

Ji Fengyan just grinned at him.

“I said before that you will not leave the Free Valley alive.”

Hu Na’s heart gave a violent lurch. He was in a total panic.

“Ji Fengyan, you promised His Majesty that as long as he sent over those families, you will let all of us go! Are you going back on your word now!!”

Ji Fengyan gave a mild smile. “Don’t worry, I will keep my promise. But I never specified when I will release all of you. You can stay here in peace. I will release you after you die.”

Hu Na plopped down on the ground in shock. Despair filled his eyes.

An icy glint flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

Formerly led by Yang Shun, the Blaze Army had since fallen into Hu Na’s hands. They left only a few soldiers from the old unit; the rest had died or suffered serious injuries under Hu Na’s command. Before departing, those few survivors had hinted to Ji Fengyan of Hu Na’s cruelty and ruthlessness.

Ji Fengyan never forgot the kindness Yang Shun had shown her, so… she would never allow Hu Na to leave the Free Valley.

Such was her duty to Yang Shun.

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