Chapter 1130 - Heavenly Fiend (1)

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Chapter 1130: Heavenly Fiend (1)

At Ji Fengyan’s request, the Ji family also moved out of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Ji Ru and Ji Linglong brought the Ji family to the Kingdom of Hua Xia. Only Ji Qingshang and Ji Mubai remained in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Ji Fengyan did not care at all about how the two of them fared.

When Ji Fengyan had killed Ji Qiu, Ji Ru had realized that Ji Fengyan was sacrificing the rook to save the king. Unless Ji Qiu died, the Emperor would not let the Ji family off. When he saw his granddaughter again, Ji Ru’s emotions were in turmoil. When he saw the Kingdom of Hua Xia gaining strength from day to day, he stopped worrying or asking about other matters. Ji Linglong had fallen in love with the carefree and peaceful Kingdom of Hua Xia at first glance and was also at peace.

Everything was progressing well, but Ji Fengyan was still somewhat gloomy.

Ever since Liu Huo had helped her to avert the danger facing the Wolf Smoke Regiment, he seldom appeared before her.

Ji Fengyan’s resentment slowly wore away with the passing of time. Now, it was Liu Huo’s turn to dodge her all day. This truly rendered Ji Fengyan speechless. After half a month of skirmishing, Ji Fengyan decided to have a good talk with her young husband.

That day, Liu Huo had remained in his room as usual. He spent all day in his room with the door shut. Who knew what he was thinking, alone in his room.


Today, Ji Fengyan suddenly kicked his room door open.

Liu Huo, who was in the room, looked surprised when Ji Fengyan broke the door down and entered.

“I think we need to have a proper conversation.” Ji Fengyan glared at Liu Huo sternly. This brat had married her and now wanted to deny it? He had made no move after so many days!

Liu Huo’s gaze fell on Ji Fengyan, and a complicated expression surfaced in his eyes.

“After so many days have passed, don’t you have anything to say to me?” Ji Fengyan looked at Liu Huo and said.

Liu Huo lowered his eyes, as if he was unwilling to meet Ji Fengyan’s gaze.

Just as Ji Fengyan could not bear it any longer, and was about to drag his head up, Liu Huo suddenly lifted his head.


Ji Fengyan gave a slight start. She looked at Liu Huo and suddenly realized that Liu Huo’s expression had become rather strange.

“Go and fulfill the demon god’s wishes.” Liu Huo spoke suddenly.

“What?” Ji Fengyan gave a slight start. She had not thought that Liu Huo would suddenly bring up this matter.

“There are some things that I don’t know how to tell you. But please believe me, I would never do anything to harm you.” Liu Huo took a deep breath, looked at Ji Fengyan, and said, “The existence of the Terminators is a mistake. They should never have appeared. If you do not wish this tragedy to be perpetuated, you should agree to the demon god’s previous suggestion, and bring back its bones.”

“What does that mean?” Ji Fengyan vaguely sensed that something was amiss when Liu Huo suddenly mentioned the demon god and the Terminators. After she had ascertained that Liu Huo was Xing Lou, she realized that Liu Huo’s understanding of the Terminators far surpassed that of ordinary people. What made her even more certain was that Liu Huo had previously made her promise not to use the World-Termination-Armour.

A trace of turmoil flashed across Liu Huo’s eyes. He took a deep breath, then slowly opened his mouth and said, “The Terminators are an evil plot. They are aimed, not just at the demons and humans, but at the entire world.”

As he spoke, Liu Huo suddenly stood up. He walked over to Ji Fengyan and a trace of crimson surfaced in his deep-set eyes.

“Haven’t you always wanted to know what race I belong to?”

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