Chapter 1132 - Heavenly Fiend (3)

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Chapter 1132: Heavenly Fiend (3)

If Ji Fengyan’s guess was correct, it would be all too horrifying.

But Liu Huo nodded slightly under Ji Fengyan’s shocked gaze.

“You’ve guessed correctly. The death of the demon god was the crux to inciting war between the human race and the Demon Clan.”

The death of the demon god that the Demon Clan had venerated as a god, and the fact that they buried its bones where humans lived, completely enraged the Demon Clan. All these years, the Demon Clan had relentlessly attacked the area occupied by humans to win back the demon god’s bones. However, humanity was unaware of all this.

The Demon Clan had judged the human race to be guilty of killing the demon god, but the humans had developed a great hatred for the demons because of their attacks. Unceasing bloodshed had caused the hatred between the two races to develop and deepen. Until now, no human had ever pursued the reason the war had started in the first place.

“Do you know the source of the Terminators’ powers?” Liu Huo spoke calmly.

Ji Fengyan shook her head.

“The World-Termination-Armour is made from the demon god’s bones. In order to activate the power of the World-Termination-Armour, one must have demon blood, but that is only superficial. What truly catalyzes the power of the World-Termination-Armour is the demon bones buried underground.” Liu Huo frowned faintly.

“These demon bones have been buried in various locations according to the nodes of a trigram. On the ground, they form an invisible trigram. As long as they are within the trigram, the World-Termination-Armour will give the Terminator immense power. But under the continual corrosion of this power, the demon bloodline in the Terminator’s body will grow stronger, until it swallows their conscious mind up by the strengthened bloodline, and it will transform them into monsters that are part human and part demon.”

“If you want to prevent the tragedy of the Terminators from ever occurring again, the only way is to collect all the demon god’s bones and destroy the trigram.” Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan unblinkingly. Every word he said seemed to be revealing some sort of message to Ji Fengyan.

“The truth is that this does not concern just the humans and the Demon Clan. Be it the ancient dragons, or the Blood Clan, their fall has all been deliberately arranged by someone. And these people are the Heavenly Fiend Tribe that you have never heard of before. The gods created them, but they escaped the gods’ control. They were the first race to exist apart from the gods, and they possess a power that far surpasses the other races. After the gods left, the Heavenly Fiend Tribe’s lust burgeoned. They wished to replace the gods, so they unceasingly sought to destroy the other powerful races in the world. Today, only the Demon Clan and the human race remain. Once these two races have fallen, the Heavenly Fiend Tribe’s plan will have succeeded.” Liu Huo’s words revealed terrifying news.

Even Ji Fengyan was shocked by his words.

Suddenly, Ji Fengyan’s expression flickered slightly. She raised her head and looked at Liu Huo.

The instant their eyes met, Ji Fengyan caught a trace of bitterness in Liu Huo’s eyes.

“I am a member of the Heavenly Fiend Tribe. Not just me, but the so-called Divine Temple, all belong to the Heavenly Fiend Tribe. All the Grand Tutors in the various countries are there by arrangement of the Heavenly Fiend Tribe. They unceasingly incite war between the human race and the Demon Clan.” When Liu Huo said this, his voice was clearly filled with helplessness and weariness.

At that moment, Ji Fengyan finally understood why Liu Huo had hesitated to reveal his status, and why he had been unwilling to openly tell her everything.

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